C5: Clash of Green and Covered Blue

“Have you been drinking your meds on time?”

She nodded.

“Did the nightmares go away?”

She nodded.

“You’re not experiencing any situations that trigger your trauma lately?”

She nodded.

“Are you okay?”

Once again, she nodded.

The woman stared at the girl in front of her, and quickly wrote something down. 

The words “Trauma Denial” on her notepad were drawn inside a big red circle.

Clash of Green and Covered Blue.

    Four days have passed since Raven’s whole encounter with the two criminals—who, unsurprisingly, turned out to be wanted suspects. And her close encounter with her archnemesis, the police. Nevertheless, she managed to come out clean with her connection to the incident. Raven was able to fill all the holes she could find just so none could suspect her. However, that doesn't mean everyone believed that she’s completely innocent. 

A normal procedure usually consists of asking the witness a bunch of questions related to the case. So, Raven was held down for almost 2 hours as countless police personnels documented the crime scene. The two unconscious suspects were also immediately brought to the hospital. As for the kid, Raven has no idea where they have brought her, but she did see some people who weren’t part of the police that carried the kid out of the room. The other officers show signs of respect to those groups of people, hence Raven speculated that the kid must be a child of an important man. 

During the interrogation, Raven breezily answered all questions thrown at her by the police. 

“Can I ask first what your name is, sir?”

Raven replied, monotonously, “Kit Sunuvabeech.”

“I'm sorry what?” The police officer deadpanned as he tried to confirm what she said, his fingers stopped typing.

Instead of repeating herself, Raven ripped a piece of paper out of the paper lying around the table and wrote the name she stated. 

The police stare dumbfoundedly at the paper handed to him before looking at Raven in suspicion.

Shockingly, flashes of information about a certain name with a surname akin to that of a curse appeared on his laptop screen after he had entered the name on the database.

“Haha…I’m deeply sorry for mispronouncing your name. “ He cleared his throat. “So, it says here that you’re a student? At University of Corilinton High. Age 21. Living alone? Hm. There isn’t much about your profile. “ He removed his glasses before propping his elbows on the table, with a forceful smile, Xian asked Raven, “Can you tell me more about what you’ve been doing before the incident happened?”

During the interview, Raven was nonetheless the same. Indifferent to all the questions asked about her. The whole 2 hours however made it almost impossible for her to prevent herself from falling asleep. Still, she wasn’t able to keep off of her mind a certain intriguing man with hazel green eyes. 

After a few long hours, it was concluded that they would have to come back to her once they confirmed that she was telling the truth. Never did she see the person again.

And so, she slept her night away during those four whole days.

Days passed, Raven's phone started ringing, letters that form the name 'Old Man' lit her phone screen. Below the said name is a notification that shows 99+ missed calls from 'Old Man'.


A gentle moan escaped on the woman's soft pink lips. She then turns her body over, her face now facing the white ceiling. Groaning as she felt her neck stiffen from her long days of lack of movement. 

A pair of beautiful ocean blue eyes fluttered open, and there was a glazed, misty look in those eyes. The owner of those eyes blinked twice in a daze, before stretching their fair, slender arms upward. A yawn escaped on their lips.

She's awake, but not entirely. She wonders how long she's been sleeping as she stares at the ceiling in a complete daze. 

Raven snapped out of her thoughts as her phone rang once again. Letting the contraption be before reaching forward to grab it once the tune changes from a different melody. Seeing the name on the screen, a groan escaped on her lips, but, nonetheless, she still chose to answer the call. 

"What?" Raven greeted in a groggy voice. 

"You—! I've been calling you for the last three days! What have you been up to!?" 

Raven subconsciously moved her phone away to protect it from bursting. Rolling her eyes back in annoyance, she replied, "Sleeping."

"...for four whole days?"


Mr. Black sighed as he tried to calm his rising blood pressure. 

“Please tell me that you went to the clinic before sleeping..."


That’s basically the same as stitching her own wounds right?

Dale can only look at his boss in worry as he sees him getting frustrated by the minute. It's fascinating yet concerning at the same time, how his boss quickly changes expressions when talking to that person.

His boss has always been calm when talking to others, and yet...

Dale went to get a cup of water, before placing it on Mr. Black's desk. The latter nodded his head in appreciation before drinking the glass of water in one gulp.

"I should probably send you your own personal nu—"

"Don't bother. I can treat myself just fine." Raven stood up from her bed. "Why were you calling me anyway?"

Mr. Black can only sigh. "This is about your new team—"

"I already told you, I don't need a team." Raven's eyes darkened.

The man noticed how she emphasized the five ends of her words and turned grim.

"Let me finish my words, Avyanna Collins."

Ah. He’s serious.

Avyanna didn't argue any further. 

Mr. Black turns to face the glass panel behind him, glancing at the city lights below. 

"I've been thinking of a way on how to convince you to retire. And I know very well that you won't. No matter how many times I tell you or even if I ordered you. This agency has been your home and you would rather sleep in the streets rather than quitting.

"So I decided to just recruit a new team which will be a big help for your missions. I know how capable you are but your missions are getting dangerous by the minute. You can also be a bit reckless sometimes, what if the PSIA were to find traces of your activities?"

PSIA… nothing good comes with getting involved with them. Especially that particular unit. 

"Tsk. They're not even that good." Avyanna muttered to herself, which didn't go unnoticed by the CEO. 

Mr. Black's gaze deepened as he spoke in a more serious tone. "Don't ever underestimate your enemies, Avyanna. You'll lose the moment you decided to overestimate yourself."

Avyanna didn't respond, but deep inside she's complaining to herself, we're doing them a favor of eliminating the corrupted and yet we're still the bad guys? Abunch of dumb and naive humans as always.

The XK Agency is famous for being one of the best Contractual Security Agencies. They train the best guards you could possibly hire, all of which can be according to your preference. Security guards for your company, house, or even for your own personal protection. They can indeed be very costly, but they are all efficient and great with their own jobs.

And under that same Agency, is an underground secret operational guild that comprises especially skilled assassins. 

Amongst all the assassin guild around the world, the XYS is the one who had secured the second top rank for the last five years in the assassination community. This is all due to one person, Raven.

However, even though they can be hired to assassinate someone, they never once accepted a mission that is against their own morals. XYS has only one golden rule, and that is to only eliminate those who deserve to be killed.

That is the reason why they can never be on top, and can only settle to be the second best.

"Anyway, come here to the agency by tomorrow. It is time for you to start opening up." 

Avyanna clenched her other fist, her blue orbs darkened immensely. "You know very well what gotten me when I did what you like to call 'open up'"

Mr. Black stiffen. "Avy—"

"I'll be there tomorrow." Avyanna quickly turns off the phone call. Tossing it over her bed. She sighed deeply before grabbing the towel hanging over at the back of her door.

The heaviness in her chest didn't disappear even after she had a bath. 


It was already 5 o'clock in the morning, and it's been an hour since Avyanna went to the bathroom. 5 minutes had passed when she finally decided to slip out of the bathroom door. Dressed in a plain green, silky pajamas, her towel was draped above her head as she roughly tried to dry it out.

Avyanna was about to change her stitches when her doorbell rang. Not expecting any visitors, she went to the door and looked over the peephole. Mumbling something akin to a curse before dashing towards her room.

Right immediately, Avyanna had worn her wig and binded her chest in a split of two minutes, she also didn’t forget to wear her contact lenses before sprinting towards the door. Calming her beating heart, she opened it. 

Again, her hidden blue eyes clashed with those hazel green eyes of his. 

How captivating, indeed.

The man nodded at her and said, "Good evening, Mr. Sunuvabeech. Can I borrow a few minutes of your time?" 

Suspicious. What does a person who has a clear involvement with the police have something to do with her? Smelly. Fishy.

But fuck was he handsome.

“Is something the matter?” Avyanna asked in a low voice, masking her feminine tone.

“No. It's just that I just occupied the room next to your apartment earlier and I planned on greeting my first ever neighbor that i'll be living with for the next few years of my life.”


“Additionally, I’m here to propose a contract.”

Who comes knocking at your door at 5 in the morning and announces that he has some sort of contract that he wants to propose?

Apparently, this shameless stranger right in front of her.

Seeing her suspicious gaze, the man did not get anxious and continued to smile, practically knocking Avyanna on her feet, “I apologize if I may appear mistrustful to you and disturbed you this early, but I promise I have a reason for that.

“Would you be gracious to let me in as we have a talk?”

Suddenly, the temperature dropped. The man noticed how the young lad in front of him became vigilant and tense, in addition, his eyes became sharp which suddenly held obvious contempt towards him. Rage, even.

He was confused and obviously startled.

Raven, however, didn’t consider even a bit of what he said and spoke, “Fuck off.”


At 5:10 in the morning, the handsome man stared stupefied at the door in front of him for a whole 5 minutes. Before expressionlessly walking back to his own room with both of his hands inside his pockets.

Meanwhile, a certain raven-haired person inside a dim lighted room with one lamp serving as the only illumination, was panting heavily as she pressed her fist over her chest. Her wig was thrown over the corner.

In a swift movement, she poured three pills onto her palm before swallowing it, before drinking the glass of water sitting at the top of her desk.

Gradually her heart slowed down. Traces of beads slid down on Avyanna’s paled face as she stared straight at her own reflection in the mirror, with nothing but hatred in her eyes.

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