I Trust You

Todd went to meet Oswald. He didn't know what else to do. He couldn't possibly go anywhere that they could get their hands on. His life was, without a doubt, in danger. His uncle wouldn't spare him. 

He knew what would happen. They would detect the presence of cyanide and then look for him. When they don't find him, they will check the CCTV footage. What he sees on the footage will take things from bad to worse. Todd was certain that his uncle would kill him as soon as he saw him. He could no longer hide in any place he knew. His uncle would know each of his hideouts and most probably, send his men everywhere to catch him.  

"What happened?" Frowning, Oswald asked as soon as he reached the bar Todd had asked him to go urgently. The place wasn't very popular and was located a good distance away from Frank's mansion. Todd had gone the

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