Chapter 40

Ysekiel can't help but laugh at Francis's reaction. He was completely frozen in his place. 

'Wow, that was a very wonderful reaction you got there. I'm so bad to think that it is fun to see you like that but the hell I care.'

Ysekiel thought while trying to restrain her laugher. What Kianna did surprise not just Francis but so do Nikolai. He is well aware of the fact that Kianna liked Francis. He is someone whom Kianna talks to when she wants to know about Francis's condition. It is kinda sad for him to see Kianna having an impression like that of someone whom she loves the most. Still, he can't deny that what his friend did to Kianna is truly unacceptable. Although he has those thoughts, he still acknowledges the part that their life wont be like when they were young. It would be hard to bring back their relationship to each other. 

'What a waste...'

He thought having a hard time a

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