Chapter 06


“ That’s why no one ever chooses him. All humans know that they should never say his name. ” She says.

I don’t move from my spot and just watch her pulling back and sitting in front of me again. She shakes her head in pity this time and her sticky hair sway left and right with the movement of her head.

I think I want to find all interesting things in the world so I don’t have to focus on what she just told me.

Surely if this was true, Elias would have never asked me to choose Wolf specifically and he would have never said that Wolf was going to keep me safe.

Nothing makes sense to me anymore.

“ But it’s clear that you didn’t know. You just chose randomly and ended up being his slave. I can only imagine how brutal he must be, considering that he was involved in human massacres all around the world. ” The girl just keeps talking and doesn’t allow me to divert m

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Vaishanvi Anand
it seem to be intresting
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YT Heyward
so far it seems good
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Choo Anna
My dear author... please update more

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