Chapter 08


‘ Free for claims. ’ This is a term every slave human fears significantly. It’s a term which means that the master werewolf doesn’t want their slave and anyone who wants or wins the fight can have that human - if that human survives the ferocious contest of pushing and pulling from all sides of course.

It’s not like werewolves are dying to have that human as their slave who is already rejected by a master - it’s more like they enjoy the torment the human goes through.

I have watched something like this before. Izel - I remember the girl as if I saw her just an hour ago.

She was up for the claims and she fought with all her might, but in the end, she didn’t survive. They grabbed her arms from both sides, pulling her body apart, claiming her ripped limbs and her dead head as well.

Bile rises in my throat as I recall the memor

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