Chapter 12


“ I don’t like mess, Lilith. ” Wolf hums.

The female hand pauses and a sigh escapes my lips.

Lilith doesn’t protest and places the plate down on the floor before she retreats and leaves the room.

I lift my head, finding Wolf lying on the bed now, his arm covering his forehead and eyes.

“ Th - Thank you. ” I choke on my breath.

Never in my life did I think that I will say thank you to a monster willingly, but life is so unpredictable.

No response comes from Wolf, so I start eating in the thick silence. Finishing the food on the plate, I feel like my energy has returned completely.

I chew the last bite and look up. My mouth stops working when I see him looking right at me, his arm placed over his head now.

His Golden eyes don’t look like fire is moving in them t

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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m so excited! The way you have written this makes me never want to stop reading! You’ve done wonderful!
goodnovel comment avatar
Is Violet a werewolf herself? Why else would she feel sparks around wolf and she hears a female voice talk to her in her head?
goodnovel comment avatar
Julia Aniella
I like that she is allowing herself to see empathy in 'monsters' and that they can be different. This story is really refreshing. I like your concept of the paranormal world.

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