Feng Yaoshan's Tomb

Huizhuan Island now felt quite different from before. If several years ago Zhou Fu and Li Xian had to run away when the volcano erupted and a tsunami came, this time the inhabitants of Huizhuan Island did not need to do the same even though the magma that the volcano produced there was much more abundant and hotter.

The inhabitants of Huzihuan island also did not have to bother evacuating to a nearby island when the tsunami waves hit the island in a row. Zhao Yunlei explained to Zhou Fu that it was because Bao Yun and Bao Yin had set up what was called a certain magic formation. Zhou Fu wanted to ask further but Zhao Yunlei didn't seem to understand much about the magic formations the Bao brothers used.

Because he got the story about the magic formation as well, that time Zhou Fu walked very calmly towards the north even though the hot magma lava was preparing to devour his existence. Sure enough, when Zhou Fu lifted his head up, he again saw the hot lava bounced into the air before
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