The Same Soul

Zhou Fu hurriedly explained the reason for staring at Shen Shen's chest when he saw Shen Shen preparing to throw his face with her shoes. But strangely, after Zhou Fu gave an explanation, Shen Shen suddenly felt lethargic.

'Ah… I thought he was getting interested in things like that… Hem… It's a huge pain for a grown girl like me to fall in love with a little brat like him…' Shen Shen several times thumped her forehead with both palms.

“Eh, wait… What did you say just now?!” Shen Shen suddenly turned her head, she seemed to have missed an important detail because she was too focused on the anger that had invaded her heart.

“Yes… As I said earlier, Feng Yaoshan has inserted your heirloom pearl into your body. He sewed it there…” Zhou Fu pointed at Shen Shen's chest but at the same time, Zhou Fu's head turned in the opposit

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