My Parents?!

Before Bao Yun began to talk about the country of his birth, Bao Yun first asked Zhou Fu if Zhou Fu had heard the full story about the fate of Xuan Wu and the two other disciples of King Yang Yuhuan, Fang Bai and Zhu Qiu. When Zhou Fu replied with a shake of his head, Bao Yun chose to tell about Zhou Fu's three great enemies before discussing the country of his birth because at some point, they were all interrelated.

“Master Yang Yuhuan came to the Star Continent with a secret mission. Being so secretive, he didn't even tell us what his mission was. Mr. Yang Yuhuan's message is, we always believe in all his decisions and choices. After the incident that my brother and I fell asleep for a long time, we lost too much information about our Master's life. Luckily, in the Yianju mainland there were still figures named Fang Bai and Zhu Qiu. Seeing the torture I inflicted on Xuan Wu, the figures of Fang Bai and Zhu Qiu didn't have the courage not to tell an honest and detailed story."

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