Tribulation Lightning

"You'll find out in a few days. If their journey goes well, they will return within the next three days.” Bao Yun stepped forward leaving Zhou Fu speechless.

The sky was getting darker and Zhou Fu chose to chase after Bao Yun who was barely out of sight. As soon as he caught up with Bao Yun, at the same time Zhou Fu smelled the delicious aroma of roast beef and seaweed soup.

“It is Yang Zi's hunted elephant! Ever since he got his hunting assignment, Yang Zi almost always carried an elephant with a long trunk. She said it reminded her of someone." Bao Yun spoke after Zhou Fu looked surprised by the presence of the three-ton beast that Shen Shen and Zhao Yunlei were roasting.

“How could Yang Zi bring such a heavy beast from outside the island to this Huizhuan island?”

As Zhou Fu knew, Huizhuan Island did have a variety of rare plants but at the same time, Huizhuan Island didn't have any animal habitat so when Zhou Fu and Li Xian wanted to eat meat, they had to cross and look for a n
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