Chapter 2: Can't get you out of my mind

Getting up the following day, Kayle sat up from the bed and got in the shower. Washing her light brown hair, she sighed as she rinsed her favorite shampoo out of her hair. ‘Tonight, I’ll be going to my first concert in forever.’ Thought Kayle running her fingers through her hair, making sure the shampoo was out. Grabbing her loofa, she squirted body soap on it and lathered it up. The smell of strawberries floated in and mixed with the shower’s steam, giving the room a sweet smell. Turning off the water, Kayle grabbed her towel and began to dry herself off. Once her body was dry, she wrapped the towel around her hair to dry. Getting dressed in the bathroom, Kayle grabbed her best bra and put it on looking in the mirror; the bra did make her breasts look good. Nice and plump, Kayle thought as she blushed and smiled at her reflection. Pulling on panties to match along with her jeans riding slightly below her hips, looking around, finding her shirt, and pulling it over her head. The top felt good on her skin, but as she walked into her room, her eyes found the outfit that she would wear to the concert. She smiled; maybe she wouldn’t wear it. It looked a little revealing, even hanging on the hanger. Unwrapping the towel from her hair and picking up her brush, she began to brush her hair. Once finished, she looked back at the mirror and grinned.

Grabbing her book bag, Kayle walked from her room and down the stairs to the kitchen. Entering the kitchen, she saw her father standing looking out the window with his cup of coffee in his hand. Kayle walked over to the island and picked up an apple, and bit into it. Chewing, she waved to her dad and walked through the house and out the front door. When she got to the corner of her street, she saw Lou-lou, her gorgeous redheaded friend, at the other corner; she ran up to her.

“Hey girl, ready for tonight?” asked Lou-lou.

“Yep, I think I know what I’m gonna wear, but I’m going to wait to see what you think about it before I commit to it.” Stated Kayle.

“Well, I also have some things that you could borrow if you want.”

“Ok. Thanks, girl!”

The bus finally made its way to their stop, and they got on. Sitting down, they pulled their book bags to their laps. The ride was short since they were the closest to the school. Getting off the bus, they made their way through the school’s gates and up the stairs. Walking up to their lockers Kayle and Lou-lou put their bags in and pulled out their first two class books and homework.

“Meet me here before lunch, and we will check out and go home. That way, we have plenty of time to go to my house and get a few more outfits and then go to your house to get ready.” Stated Lou-lou as she turned to Kayle.

Kayle nodded and waved to her friend, walking to her English class. Once entering the classroom, she placed her completed homework in the in-box on the teacher’s desk and made her way to the middle of the room to start on her journal. Today’s topic was ‘If you could be anything, what would it be?’ Kayle began writing in her journal and was halfway done when the last student walked into the door.

“Ok, class, as long as you are quiet and have your journal done, I’ll allow you to have a free day while I grade your homework assignment.” Stated Mrs. Gibson as she stood in front of the class and looked around at each student.

All the class became excited with the news, and most of them pulled out their phones. Kayle was no exception because she got a notification from a tracker on her phone that one of the squads was in motion. ‘Why are they out this early?’ she thought with a frown.

Kayle decided that it wasn’t worth worrying about. The squad would be fine. Since it was one of the best ones, that was led by Sgt. John Brown. They have had more captures and takedowns since the start of the lab. Putting her phone back in her pocket, she finished up some social studies homework even though she would be turning it in on Monday. No one really got loud, but you could tell that the bell would be ringing soon since many of the students had their books in their hands. When the bell rang, Kayle grabbed everything up and made her way over to science class. As she walked to the classroom, she could see Savanna talking on her phone, giggling by her locker. Kayle and the girl had never really been good friends; hell, they were barely acquaintances. Lou-lou had spoken with her a few times since Ashley was pretty good friends with her. Making it to science class Kayle sat in the last available seat. Placing her books down, she pulled out her pencil and her notebook to start taking notes from the board. While taking notes from the board, Kayle felt her phone vibrate. Looking for Mr. Anderson, not seeing him, she pulled out her phone and saw that it was from Lou-lou, grinning; she opened the text up and thoroughly reading the message.

Hey girl, can’t wait for this class to be over!

Def. Mr. Anderson isn’t even in the class yet.’

Putting her phone back in her pocket, Kayle continued taking the notes on the board. The opened, and the class looked up to see Mr. Anderson strolling in.

“Hello class, today we are going to work on the first column of the periodic table. Pair off and pic a chemical to find out what that chemical is like.” Instructed Mr. Anderson as he sat down at his desk looking through files of papers.

Kayle looked around and saw that all the students had already paired off, leaving her by herself. She sighed and pulled out her laptop and looked up the chemical ‘Fr.’ Time felt like it was going in slow motion as she finished up the assignment Mr. Anderson had given them. Kayle got up a minute before the bell went off and turned in her paper. Mr. Anderson looked up at her and smiled.

“Thanks, Kayle,”

“Thank you, Mr. Anderson,” stated Kayle as the bell rang, and she took her books and turned on her heel, and walked out the science door before anyone else could. She fast-walked to her locker, where she saw Lou-lou coming in the opposite direction with a massive smile on her face.

“OMG! That class felt like it was taking all day!’ Exclaimed Lou-lou as she pulled out her book bag from her locker beside Kayle.

“Girl, don’t I know it. I thought time stopped or something!” answered Kayle pulling her bag out as well and closing her locker door.

Both girls walked toward the front doors of the school to leave. They were talking about how the concert was going to be. No one tried to stop the two girls as they went out the front doors since they could go off campus for lunch. Lou-lou and Kayle strolled down the steps and onto the sidewalk.

After going to Lou-lou’s house to get the other outfits, the girls went through the backyard and through the small patch of woods between their homes. Entering the back door, the girls went through the white and grey modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

“Did you want a drink Lou-lou?” asked Kayle before they had made it through the kitchen.

Lou-lou shook her head, and they walked through the small hallway to the hardwood staircase and up to the second floor and to Kayle’s room. Walking in, the girls put their spoils on the bed and started to sort through the pile of clothes. Putting jeans and pencil skirts together with fancy tops, Kayle and Lou-lou began to try different items. Once Lou-lou found the outfit she was going to wear, she saw that Kayle was still rummaging through the other clothes. She went to Kayle’s closet when she saw the bright red mid-thigh dress hanging on the door.

“Kayle?” stated Lou-lou as she pulled the dress from the door with the hanger as she walked over to Kayle and gave her a look of exasperation. Kayle turned to her friend and sighed when she noticed that she had the dress in her hand.

“I was trying to keep from wearing that,” Kayle timidly muttered as she extended her hand to her friend to get the dress.

“Why? You would look amazing in this!” Exclaimed Lou-lou as she sat down at Kayle’s vanity to start her make-up and hair.

“Because it’s a little slutty don’t you think?’ asked Kayle as she held it up to herself in front of the mirror.

Lou-lou looked at her friend through the vanity mirror and shook her head no, “No, I think you would look amazing in that. Maybe you can catch a guy while at the concert?” She winked as she applied her eyeliner.

Kayle walked to her walk-in closet and started pulling off her clothes. Going to her panty drawer, she pulled out a pair of white lace panties and strapless bra; unzipping the dress, she stepped in and pulled it up over shapely thick hips and up over her strapless bra.

 “Hey, Lou-lou, can you zip me please?” She questioned.

Lou-lou walked in and gasped, “O.M.G.! Kayle, you look gorgeous!” as she walked over and zipped the dress up. Turning around, Kayle shrugged with her palms facing forward and smiled with a little bit of a blush coloring her cheeks.

“You don’t think it looks slutty, or not something I should wear to the concert?” Asked Kayle as she walked over to the vanity and sat down.

Lou-lou shook her head, “Nope, cause our tickets put us right next to the stage!” she stated excitedly.

“Wow, that is great. I’ve never been right close to stage before!”

“Then you are going to love this. Maybe Oathbreaker will pull us up on stage. They have been well-known for doing that! And most of the time, the ones that get brought upstage get to go backstage and meet the band!”

“That would be awesome to meet them!” stated Kayle as she put on some eyeliner.  

“Yeah, well, hurry up cause we need to get going if we want to make it on time,” Lou-lou announced as she looked at the clock on her phone.

Nodding, Kayle finished up, straightening her hair. She reached for the glitter black heels and placed them on her feet. Standing up, she grabbed her clutch and replied, “Well, let’s go then.”


Kayle and Lou-lou strolled up to the sidewalk to the brightly lit red-bricked building. Girls of every size and color stood by the doors, waiting to get in spotlights shown in the dark starry sky with Oatbreaker’s crest in it. The full moon was showing off her beautiful silvery color in the sky. The girls arrived at the double doors to the building; a man in a suit came up and asked for their tickets. Looking at them, he turned around and motioned for another man to come forward.

“Take them through entrance C and up to the stage,” he instructed.

The other man that came up to the girls looked them both over once and gave them both a sly smile as his dark brown eyes roamed Kayle over again before he nodded and gestured for the girls to follow him.

Following the man, Kayle looked up and saw the lead singer on a giant poster the length of the building. His eyes had the ring of silver around his irises, the dirty brown hair with blond highlights covered most of his features since it was sort of long on the top and shaved on the sides and back. The shadows of the picture hid his mouth, giving the image a look like he was watching you.

“This is the first show they have performed here,” volunteered a girl to their left as they were walking by.

“I know, and it’s a sold-out show too!” exclaimed the other that was with her.

Tapping Lou-lou on her shoulder, they both looked at each other when Kayle questioned, “Are their shows always like this?”

Nodding, Lou-lou stated, “Yeah, pretty much, I saw on YouTube where a couple of girls started a fight because they each thought that Mitch winked at her.”

Walking into the C entrance didn’t seem as chaotic as outside; only a few other people were in the building. The chairs had all been taken up from the main level floor so that everyone had to stand. The walls were painted in a burgundy color that almost looked like blood on them. In the center of the building was the stage. The curtain was pulled, but a supernatural light and mist were floating out the bottom of it. As they came up to the stage, the man left them but not before giving them a wink. They proceeded to walk past the roped-off area where the other few people stood.

“Lou-lou, I think the dress is a bit much. Everyone has been staring at me.” Complained Kayle as she looked around at the others that were waiting with them. Some of the other girls were giving her some vicious glares.

“They are just jealous that you look better than they do,” answered Lou-lou.

Kayle blushed and shook her head. An hour had passed since the girls had entered the concert, and the building was filled to the max. Looking back at the curtain, she noticed a face peeking in between the two curtains, and it smiled at her. Kayle turned to tap Lou-lou to tell her to look, but by the time she got her to turn, the face was already gone. Just as Lou-lou was about to say something to Kayle, the lights lowered, and the bass sounded with a loud screech. The curtains rose, the supernatural mist flowed out and over the stage and into the front part of the crowd.

Suddenly a deep husky voice sounded out; Kayle lifted her head just as the singer looked at her. As she continued staring at him, the movement of his mouth made her lick her lips. Trigger came up to the edge of the stage. Crooning into the mic with his eyes closed as he stroked the cords on a gorgeous midnight blue electric guitar, a black wolf howling at a full moon painted on it, and when he opened them back up, his eyes met hers, she felt her body heat up as each syllable floated to her ears. His eyes had silver around his light blue irises, just like what was on the giant poster on the building. He showed no emotion on his face as he stared at her for a few more seconds before Trigger moved away, strumming on the guitar, making it moan while he wandered over to another part of the stage. Kayle could not help but follow his every move. Her mind was running through theories about his eyes. She had seen this on werewolves, but my God, they made him look sexy. His dirty brown hair with the blond highlights dripped sweat as he sexily strolled over to the boy with wavy dark brown hair and chiseled face playing the bass, as the bassist belted out a mean solo. Both boys were breathing heavily as the solo came to an end. They both chorused together a part of the song. As Trigger turned around, he ripped off his tight black shirt and flung it into the crowd. Two girls caught it and began playing tug-of-war with it until it ripped further, and each girl had a half.

Kayle gazed at his undulating chest, and the sweat glistened under the lights made him look that much more godlike. Kayle brought out her phone and took a pic of him just as his eyes met hers again. Her pulse quickened when he started to make his way to her. Just when he was about to be at her side of the stage, she felt the vibration of her phone, showing her father’s text, asking her to come to the lab immediately. Sighing, she tapped Lou-lou on the shoulder and showed her the text; Lou-lou frowned and then nodded. Turning from her friend, she pushed her way through the crowd as Lou-lou went back to screaming the song Trigger was singing. When she looked back, she noticed what seemed to be Trigger singing to her, and then he moved his attention to the other side of the stage. She turned back around and sighed as she continued through the crowd and out of the exit.


When Trigger looked back to where he had last seen the blue-eyed girl in the gorgeous short red dress, she was gone. Looking around, he saw her working her way through the crowd. He kept his emotions from his face as he wondered where she was going. As he sang, he pulled a girl up on the stage and pushed her toward the bassist as he played a short riff. She smiled and ran back to Trigger just when he threw up his arms as the music started to die out and the lights came upon him, placing him at the center of attention with sweat racing down his torso.

As the show ends, the trio walks off stage, sweat pouring off their bodies, exhausted and spent from their powerful performance. Producers, managers, and make-up artists swarm around the three boys, raving about the extraordinary performance. Chants, screams, and feet stomping from the fans vibrate the walls backstage, begging for more.

A blonde with high cheekbones walked up to Trigger and pulled out a brush when he turned to walk away. The blonde stopped with an exaggerated look, and the woman yelled out, “Hey, I’m supposed to do your make-up!”

“Dude, what the fuck is your problem?” Yelled Conner as he threw up his hands.

Trigger never looked back as he raised his left hand and flipped him off.

“That’s uncalled for, Trigger!” he yelled back as he laid a hand on the blonde’s shoulder and said, “It’s ok, he’s just in a bad mood.”

Trigger wandered down the long hallway with awards and pictures of past bands that had performed at this little rinky-dink shit hole hanging on the walls. Getting to his dressing room and opening the door, he walked in and sat down in front of the mirror. ‘I wonder who that girl was,’ thought Trigger, ‘her aroma was beautiful.’ Sighing, he wiped the make-up off his face with a wet towel and looked back at the mirror. Shedding the clothes that he had left on his body, he went to the closet and pulled out a black t-shirt and a new set of fitted blue jeans. Pulling out his jacket, Trigger laid it on the counter and sat down again.

“Damn it!” Yelled Trigger as he banged his fist on the top of the counter.

Everything about her was clouding his mind. Her eyes, skin, voice, all of her he could remember. ‘I wonder what she feels like, ‘thought Trigger, his hands shaking with the want to touch the untouchable. Turning his head, Trigger finally heard Mitch and Conor strolling down the hall. Picking up his jacket, Trigger walked quickly to the door. He opened the door up a crack and then opened it completely.

“Mitch, Conor come here, and hurry,” demanded Trigger slipping into his jacket.

Mitch and Conor glanced at each other skeptically and hurried over. When they reached Trigger, they noticed that something was bothering him.

“Did you guy notice the girl with the light brown hair and blue eyes that was wearing that short red maxi dress? She was in the front part of the crowd in the roped part?” questioned Trigger, running his hand through his dirty brown hair with blonde highlights.

“No, I was too busy playing the drums to stare at females in the crowd,” Mitch piped up, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Sorry, dude, I was in my groove on the bass,” Shrugged Conor.

“But there was one that was talking to a redheaded girl before the show! Man, she had some killer legs, mmmm!” Mitch boasted as he looked back at Trigger.

A low growl came from Trigger as he stared at Mitch. Mitch’s eye went wide as he realized his mistake. Cowering, Mitch slunk behind Conor to hide from Trigger. Conor sighed and shook his head, rolling his eyes, “Dude, you just told him you didn’t see a girl!”

Mitch shrugged and made a puppy dog face at Conor.

“Conor! Mitch!”

All three of the boys look at the two girls running up to them. Mitch straightens up and starts smiling while Conor rolls his eyes at him and scoffs. One girl tackles Mitch and hugs him as the other girl kisses Conor on the cheek.

“Hey Mitch, baby did you miss me up on stage?” the blue-purple-haired girl pouted.

Trigger rolled his eyes and walked away from the two couples. Mitch looked at Conor and stated, “I don’t believe this.”

“Oh, shit, he has it bad!” answered Conor with a grin.

Mitch turns to the blue-purple-haired girl at his side. He grabs her hands and starts to swing her around in circles.

“Conor? What’s up?” asked the girl with bright red hair, her hazel eyes searching Conor’s eyes.

Conor looked at her and just shook his head with a smirk.

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