Chapter 4: Should have been dead

Keeping to the shadows, Trigger staggered toward a slate grey mansion; tall, large oaks shadowed the porch and most of the brick wall lining the sidewalk. Blood dripping from his body, leaving crimson pools with black and silver, grey hair on the path he had taken. His steps were growing weaker as he neared the entrance of the wall. Stumbling through the gates and stepping onto a driveway with ancient inscriptions carved onto it, he hears the dogs barking coming nearer him, feeling their sharp teeth sinking into the flesh of his legs. He growls low in his throat, warning them away. His blood seeps into the inscriptions making them glow and then dim.

Falling to one knee, Trigger gasps for breath, his vision fading. He crawls up the black marble steps and reaches up for the oaken doors, his claws leaving deep valleys in the wood. Finally losing strength, he blacks out.

Drifting in and out, Trigger felt two bodies next to him, holding him up the best they could as his f

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that she may
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SMK Ch4 - I think Conor is onto something! I’m with him in that the mystery girl will have Trigger wrapped in her palm ...

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