Chapter 5: Shopping for Concert Attire

  Kayle reached over to turn off the blaring alarm clock next to her bed. Stretching, she pulled off the covers and went into her bathroom. Kayle brushed her teeth and hair; Kayle took the hair straightener to keep it from flying away. Pulling out underwear and a bra, she put them on and walked into her closet.  Kayle grabbed a low-cut shirt and hoodie with a pair of miss-me jeans. Kayle put everything on; she picked up her bookbag from her floor and went out her door, closing it. Getting to the kitchen, she noticed that her dad had left her note on the fridge.


           I hope you have a good day. I had to get to the lab early this morning.


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Kayle is definitely unsure what to make of him. ......
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SMK Ch5 - Love is in the air ...They are definitely feeling a pull to each other.

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