Chapter 8: Mate and Father

Waking up, the smell of scotch and an earthly aroma reached Kayle’s senses. Blinking her eyes, she noticed a very toned chest in front of her. Shocked at first, she allowed her gaze to wander up to his face. It seemed to be wet with sweat as Kayle reached up to wipe it away. Her touch seemed to wake Trigger as his eyes opened suddenly, and his hand landed on hers. His breathing turned from the smooth rhythmic motions to fast-paced motions, as if he had run around the city.

“Are you ok?” Kayle asked, gazing into his eyes.

Trigger smiled and nodded, not daring to speak at the moment. Kayle tilted her head and frowned at him.

“Are you sure you are ok? You don’t look too good,” Kayle questioned as she moved her hand this his forehead, checking him for a fever.

“I’m fine, sweetness,” Trigger breathlessly replied as he smiled and placed a kiss on her forehead. Sure you are. His wolf stated in his mind giving him a wolfish grin. Trigger mentally rol

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what can a father do?
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T S Burns
Well that went better then expected.
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SMK Ch8 - Awe… such a sweet moment! Showdown between father and future son-in-law ...

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