Chapter 10: The Boat

Getting to Mitch’s house, Trigger pulled up to the curb and put the vehicle park. Getting out, the group made their way to the four-door, mint green Tundra, a purple semi hooked up to the yacht on the trailer behind it.

“Trigger, you said this was a boat, not a freaking yacht!” Kayle said as she turned to him.

He shrugged with a smile and continued to walk ahead, his hand placed on the small of her back. He led her to the man standing by the yacht, strapping it down. Slapping the platinum blonde-haired man on the back, he turned and pulled him into a brotherly handshake. A blue-haired girl came out of the house with Conor and Savanna, all in swimwear. Both groups met up on the driveway beside the semi; Trigger introduced Kayle, Lou-lou, and Zac to the rest of the group.

“The crew is going to drive the semi and the yacht while we party the day away,” Mitch said as he threw up duffle bags to the crew that was on the yacht, smiling bac

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some people just don't understand.
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SMK Ch10 - Someone’s jealous. Trigger change because he met Kayle ...

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