Chapter 34: Learning the Truth

It had been a month since Ben and Camari’s bonding. Trigger and Kayle were heading over to Conor’s place for a party. Pulling up on the bike, Trigger came to a stop in front of the steps, and Otto came forward with a smile.  He bowed and then stepped aside, “It’s nice to see you again, miss. Trigger, I’m glad that you have found your mate.”

Trigger grinned back and slapped the older man on the shoulder and said, “Yeah, she has been the most amazing thing to happen to me.”

Kayle blushed, and Trigger handed over the key to the bike. Trigger led Kayle into the open front doors; Savanna ran up and bear-hugged Kayle as they entered the house.

“Im so glad that you both came! I didn’t know if you would since you know Cody might be here,” Savanna said as she pulled away from Kayle.

“Well, I love hanging out with you all. Besides you, Trigger and Conor are here. Im not afraid,” Kayl

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T.S. Burns
I actually feel bad for Cody. If he hadn't have been made to rejected his mate then none of this would have happened. I know he is a terrible vampire buddy but that's because others actions made him that way and I want to give him a big hug. As a human though, that may not be the best idea.
goodnovel comment avatar
Lou-Lou learns about the supernatural world! I guess now there’s truly no more secrets between friends ... Hope Lou-Lou is alright from the incident - no nightmares etc.

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