Chapter 37: Rings and Graduation

Finals had been finished, and graduation was tomorrow. Savanna, Kayle, and Lou-lou were off at the mall getting new dresses for graduation, Martha and Camari were along for the ride. Savanna took them into Fifth Oak Ave; Kayle sighed and shook her head as they all walked in. Savanna threw her hand over Kayle’s shoulder and smiled at her.

“You remember this shop, right?” Savanna asked with a smirk.

“Yes, Savanna, this is where I can’t afford dresses,” Kayle answered her as she looked through the racks.


Kayle looked back at her tilting her head with an eyebrow raised, “And what?”

“O.M.G girl, it’s also the store that you got face to face with Trigger,” Savanna said with an exasperated sigh.

“I know that,” Kayle laughed as she glanced out of the store window.

They all picked out a few dresses and began to try them on. Savanna picked a dark green strapless dress

that stopped halfway down her thighs, Lou-lou picked ou


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