Chapter 39: The Reason Why

Greymoon charged Cody as he sprinted to him; once he was within reach, Greymoon grabbed Cody’s arm and slung him further away from the crowd of people that were standing on the steps. The guards were stopping Ben and Camari back as Conor had a hold of Kayle, and she was screaming and kicking, trying to get him to let her go, tears in her eyes.

The massive black wolf bounded forward as Cody came back to him; they clashed again, their bodies rebounding off each other. Greymoon tried to get ahold of Cody’s arm slinging his head toward it, but Cody pulled it away before he could bite down. Greymoon’s sharp teeth tore through the little flesh that came in contact with his arm. Cody came at him and slashed Greymoon’s face; blood poured from the deep grooves in his cheek as he let out a vicious roar and turned back to the vampire that had his blood dripping from his claws.

The black wolf and the vampire took a moment before Greymoon charged again. His vast paws swatted Cody


Alright readers, we only have one more chapter left. Tomorrow (10/10) is my birthday and so I will finish chapter 40 on Monday hoping to have it up on Tuesday! Thank you so much for reading this far you all are amazing! :)

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T.S. Burns
Yay Cody has a second chance mate. I am so glad that he didn't kill Kayle's mother out of vengeance. He is redeemable. So happy.
goodnovel comment avatar
Cody has had a hard life so far. he made a big decision and had to live with that. :(
goodnovel comment avatar
It must be hard for him! And Kayle and her father too, to learn the truth ...

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