Chapter 40: A New Begining

Trigger entered their bedroom at Ben's and sat down with Kayle in his arms. By the time he had made it back to the mansion, she had fallen asleep. Now he just laid there in the bed with her in his arms, his chest soaked with her tears.

While he laid there, a knock came upon the door; he grunted, knowing that the person behind the door would hear him. The door slowly opened, and Conor stepped in and came up to him, grabbed a chair, and sat it near them, plopping himself in the seat.

“How is she handling all this?”  Conor asked as he sat back, running his hand down his face.

“I don't know, dude. She just had to learn that her mom had a terminal illness and to keep her from witnessing her go through that shit, she asked her ex-mate to take her life. Not only devastating her but also him so much that he went mad,” Trigger answered him as he stroked Kayle's hair.

“Yeah, I could not imagine what she and he have or are going through right now,” Conor sa


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Tina Staab
How long do we have to wait this book needs more
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Be sure to look on my profile to find out where to get updates! ...️
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Ida Maria Adolfsson
I too want to see whats next
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