I know it is Scarlett’s place to tell Dominic about her gift but if there is still a spy in the kingdom we need to get on top of it, and Soren wanted to find out from Caleb how he got Seraphina to forgive him completely for what he did.

I head to Dominic’s office and knock on the door once I get there, I open the door slightly “Excuse me your highness but if you are not busy may I have a word with you?”

“Of course Phoenix. Gentlemen if you would excuse me, how about you all go and have some lunch in the dining hall and we will resume this meeting once everyone has eaten.”

“Yes your highness!” comes the reply from all the clan leaders sitting in his office, they stand, bow and leave the room.

“So my friend is this business or pleasure?”

“Maybe a little of both,” I loosen my shirt a little not knowing what to
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