In the car on the way back to the castle, my mind was just overflowing with everything. All the paperwork and stuff to do with the clans and the Blood Moon has all been taken care of, but the encounter I had with Sharon has me a little on edge. Even after everything would Phoenix still choose me or would Soren prefer and make him choose her, Soren has always been that bit rougher and I am not sure if I can be what he needs… I guess she is the one from my vision, wanting someone that is not hers….

I look up as I hear the screech of tires to come face to face with the front of another car; I hear the bang as it hits and then I feel light as the SUV starts to roll; I hit my head on the window. I must have blacked out for just a second because when I look around we have stopped moving and there is broken glass and mangled metal everywhere around me. My whole body hurts. I try moving and scream out as pain radiates out from
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