I head out of the office, go past the barracks and grab the first few guards that are ready and head straight to where the explosion went off. I set us at a fast pace and we make it there before anyone else. There isn't much of a fire. It is like it was made as a flash fire, just enough fire and heat to destroy any evidence that they had left behind.

As I wrap my hands in fireproof cloth, I get the guards that came with me to do a perimeter check and to stand guard while I make my way into the bunker, there isn't much left though but I do however find the remains of Ethan in the first cell. I open my link with my Queen,

"I am sorry, my Queen... I found Ethan. I will have him moved to the castle morgue and we will hold an honourable funeral for him.."

"Thank you, Nix!" I don't miss the sob she tried to cover.

I then make my way around the cells. Scarlett never told me which one, but she did tell me that she would occasionally hide in one of these prison bunker cells w
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