I howl again and follow their mixed scents except as I move away from the area; I notice that it is Charlotte's scent and then his is on top as if he is chasing her. That puts a small smile on my face as it shows she was still trying to get away and had nearly succeeded, too.

She just needed to go a little further and would have come across one of our extra search patrols. He must have threatened her to keep her from calling out to them, as they would have been nearby and she should have smelled them. It, unfortunately, leads me back to where the explosion was. I then hear the soft voice of Queen Seraphina.

"Stefan-Axel! Time to head back to the castle. We can pick it up again in the morning..."

I don't want to give up; I don't want to rest. I know she is close, but I do as the Queen requested.

"Yes, your highness! We are on our way back now!"

The three of us still continue to search as we slowly run back in the direction of the castle to be met at the kitchen doo
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