After I woke up from falling asleep through the movie, I left Charlotte on the sofa and did a little more snooping around. I searched the kitchen and then move to the bedroom. There wasn't really much in there. I really feel sorry for my mother having to spend so much time in this place. I then search the closet, it is full of the same shirts and shorts. They all smell like my mother but seem to have two underlying unknown scents to them. I would probably say that those scents are from Angus and Leo.

I move all the way into the back and find a loose panel in the wall; I open it and pull out a bag; I look inside and see that it has all the things needed to look after someone who is pregnant, including a small ultrasound machine. I smile to myself, as this means I can keep an eye on Charlotte's twins.

It takes a couple of days or so; it is hard to tell when one day ends and the night begins down here. Another thing I don't know is how Mother could stand it, but then she was
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