Chapter 91

Kate POV

            “Promise me you will call me, if you need something, Reid?” I ask for the hundredth time.  “Yes Kate, we will be fine for a few days without you,” he says.  “And we’ll video chat every day?” I ask.  “Yes Kate, same time every day, we’ll video chat,” he says a little too condescending for my liking, but I let it go. 

            I’m incredibly panicked.  This is the first time I’ve left my Pack for any amount of time that wasn’t related to a crisis of some sort.  I’m going home with Colby.  I can’t wait to see his Pack, meet his family, and especially meet Amelie.  I have some gifts for her, that Colby helped me pick out.  A purple elephant – she collects elephants, and she loves the color purple. 

Ellie Scott

Thank you for continuing to support Alpha Kate. We are getting into the home stretch; I hope to finish Kate's story soon. Wondering what is up with Amelie? Check out tomorrow's update. Be sure to leave a comment or review - I love to hear from you. Ellie xo

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Comments (9)
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Jennifer Kindsvatter
I realize the book is probably done and I haven't finished reading but I really hope you didn't have Kate give up being an Alpha!
goodnovel comment avatar
I think there's something off about Colby, can't quite put my finger on what yet. I hope I'm wrong, Kate doesn't need any more hardship or heartbreak.
goodnovel comment avatar
Marrie Mitipelo
I live how easily these two interact... Naturals... SuperNaturals... .........

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