Chapter 93

Colby POV

            As I’m sitting there with my parents Amelie comes running in the door, tears on her face and so winded and upset she can’t get her words out.  Wondering where Kate is, I try to get her to calm down, and help her breathe.  She must have run quite a distance and been frightened to be reacting this way.

            As she starts to calm down, she puts her head in my neck saying she’s sorry.  I’m so confused I don’t know what to make of it.  I take her arms in my hands and gently pull her out of my neck.  “Amelie, what are you sorry for?” I ask.  With tears streaming down her face, I wipe her cheeks.  “I took Kate in the woods,”; “Okay where is Kate now?” I ask.  “She’s in the woods,” she replies.  “Is she hurt

Ellie Scott

Thank you for continuing to support Alpha Kate. As I mentioned, we have a couple more chapters and Kate will be completed. We will then move on to Lily's story, which I hope you will want to follow. I'll post more in the coming days. I love your feedback, so please keep it coming. New chapter tomorrow. Ellie xo

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Comments (7)
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Annie Carroll
I love where this is going! Can’t wait to read Lily’s story next! I have another favorite author for sure!
goodnovel comment avatar
Marrie Mitipelo
What... Can I say... A corrupt mind... Just causes death... Your Own... In the end.. Thankfully Alpha Kate, Knows how to deal with people, and tricky situations... Heck... She's had enough experiences!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Nakita Davis
I’m so glad he got there in time and killed that heffa….

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