Alpha's Redemption Chapter 123

Macey POV

My head was swimming. I couldn't bring myself to tell them about Carter being my mate. I wanted nothing to do with the vile man that would allow the woman I considered to be my sister to be violated the way she was. Yet shame coursed through me.

I felt like I didn't deserve to be around her after what my mate had done to her. Was I cursed when it came to men? Am I the bad omen for my girls? I was seriously considering it because unless Tatum marked me. I was as good as dead once I rejected Carter, and my mate ruined Zoe's life, and his father was responsible for killing Everly's mother and my mate by kidnapping her sister.

However, Carter being my mate, left multiple additional issues because I will be rejecting him, but then what will happen with Taylor? Who would look after her and love her the way I do? My mum was getting old, plus she had my brother and his mate living with her, and as much as I love my brother, he wasn't exactly a good role model.

After showering and
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Okay Macy why u keeping this a secret tell Everly so y’all can come up with a plan! Cus they r definitely some moles within the pack! How u ask for immunity after all the people u killed , vaccinated, & had Zoe raped
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Can you like reduce the cost per chapter? Having spent $40 to read this is kind of crazy.
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Shannon Davis
Why are there so many typos with numbers and letters thrown in every few paragraphs?

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