Chapter 127

Macey POV

Leaving Everly and Valen, I escaped to the roof, slipping through the doors and up the stairwell. I couldn't afford to be overheard as I made the call to Carter.

I was furious. It was bad enough I had to bargain with him for Ava.

"You fucking prick!" I screamed at him the moment he answered.

"Well, hello to you too," He purrs.

"You think I can't feel your infidelity, you asshole? Yet you expect me to run off into the sunset with you!" I snarled through the phone.

"I was teaching one of my men a lesson. The whore means nothing. And don't pretend you haven't got up to mischief today, love. I know you visited your internet boyfriend," he says, and I chew my lip.

I scrub a hand down my face, staring at the night sky. "Macey, are you there?" He asks, almost sounding concerned.

"Yes, I'm still here."

"Good. So have you thought about what I said? Have you gotten all your ducks in a row and are ready to leave with me?"

"How do I know you will stick to your end of the deal? I don't
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Comments (355)
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Mary Quackenbush
At least she has John and Kalen to help her now......Everyone else needs to be told also though.
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda Bonilla
can I just buy the book somewhere
goodnovel comment avatar
Jennifer Quinlan Belletto
Give them specifics so they can figure out who it is

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