Chapter 129

Macey POV

Pulling into the underground parking lot, I parked next to Kalen and John before hopping out of the car. Kalen also gets out, and we quickly go over the plans again while John plays with my phone and pairs it to his and Kalen's so they can track me.

"We will be right behind you. John will grab Ava from the meeting spot, and I will follow. Derrick and Dion are waiting for the call. Once we have your location, we ambush him." Kalen tells me and I nod. My heart was thumping rapidly as nerves kicked in, and I was stressing over leaving with Carter, even if only temporarily.

"Here, but just in case this disconnects, take this," John says, handing me something that looks suspiciously like a suppository. He's pulling my leg, right? I hold it up, looking at it.

"And what am I supposed to do with this?" I ask, and they both mumble and look away from me.

"Oh, hell no! You shaft it!" No way was that going up my butt.

"It's just a precaution," John mutters.

"I don't see you shoving an
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Comments (33)
goodnovel comment avatar
Far out I can’t wait till the end now…it’s getting close now
goodnovel comment avatar
Fatma Magram
A captivating books things just take a turn! Please update the book the suspense is killing!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Oh no! I hope she doesn’t die! My heart can’t take no more deaths on the good ppl side!!!

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