Chapter 130

Valen POV

The phone temporarily cuts out as it goes through my Bluetooth, and I could hear Everly giving the council a mouthful.

"Valen!" she groans through gritted teeth as pain courses through the bond as I race to get to her.

"Nearly there. Hold on," I tell her, racing through the streets. This explained why the council cancelled at the last minute, but why was another question? Yet right now, I had a one-track mind: to get to my mate.

"Touch me again, and I will gut you!" I hear Everly growl at someone.

"Grab my bag! Over there, you twat! Now move! Unless you want to deliver my babies, get out of my way," she snarls, groaning as another contraction hits her.

I pressed my foot harder on the accelerator when I heard her panting as she breathed through another, and Marcus white-knuckled his seat as we tore around another corner, the car sliding out and narrowly missing some parked cars before I pulled it back.

"It's too early! It's too early, Valen!" I hear Everly cry out. Yet
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Mary Quackenbush
That whole grimy family needs to die!! The daughter that they killed was probably the good one that's why she had to die
goodnovel comment avatar
Ok that was short….geez how do they manage to have everyone on side though? Where’d there trumped up evidence come from?
goodnovel comment avatar
That counsel needs to be slapped

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