Chapter 146

She shouldn't have tried to touch my babies! My instincts were running feral, and she backed up, almost tripping over her own tail as she tried to get away from my teeth. Pouncing on her, my teeth rip into her neck, my claws sink into her sides, and she wails loudly while thrashing.

I start ripping at her neck, tearing the flesh from her bones, spraying her blood everywhere. It drenched me when I heard a whimper behind me and knew I only had moments before Nixon was on me.

She bucks wildly, trying to throw me off, as her skin peels back. She would bleed out before I could go for the kill. I let go before chomping down again, only this time on the side of her neck, curling my claws under her ribs, and shaking my head. My vision turns red as her blood gets in my eyes. She rears up on her hind legs, and my claws slash down her sides as I am thrown back.

I hit the ground, landing on my side, my chin hitting the concrete, and I spit the chunk of fur on the ground and skin in my jaws, her
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Rexilla Matbagon
where's the bloody police and ambulance,,,the fight are take a while
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Bridgedine-marie Kamm
Oh my gosh I love love love this book, did not expect that in the slightest but my goodness you have done an amazing job
goodnovel comment avatar
Mary Quackenbush
Great chapter, very intense, all their worry about Nixon and his family is over.

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