Everly POV

A year later

Zoe and I sat with Valen and Marcus, as we waited for Doc to tell me how many eggs they were able to extract that were viable.

“Man, I have never been so nervous in all my life!” I whisper to Zoe.

“I know! My hands are shaking,” she whispers.

“What if she says no?” Zoe worries as she bounces her son, Noah on her lap. Macey was not able to find a surrogate or an egg donor. Zoe had come to me and told me she wanted to offer to carry a baby for Macey, yet she wasn’t sure she was comfortable carrying a baby that was biologically hers. So after speaking with Valen and telling him what Zoe wanted to do and that we just needed an egg donor.

He sighed heavily. “You want to donate your eggs?” I nodded my head. I needed his blessing, because it was a big ask for him knowing biologically the child would be mine and Tatum’s. Though I was not carrying this child and it was just eggs I had no intention of using, this was not my child but theirs and Zoe was the vessel.

Hey Guys. That was officially the end of book 2 Alpha's Redemption which kicked off back at Chapter 87. I noticed in the comments people kept asking about the sequel not realizing we were already in it lol. Don't forget to drop your gems and leave a review, also follow my F..B Page Jessica Hall Author Page for the paperback release dates. Alpha's Regret and Alpha's redemption will go to print after editing sometime this year. Also if you haven't already Check Alpha's Possession on Goodnovel it's ongoing but halfway through. Tempting Darkness another of my books on here book one is finished and book 2 is ongoing but is dark romance and not sweet and fluffy like this one. Anyway I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Bye for

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Kaylene Norlock
this has been the only decent book I've found on this app.
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Angela Anthony
Omg I loved this book. So traumatic, so endearing. so much love and so much hatred from some of the characters. Well written so much action love love love this book thank you for writing it
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very good read enjoyed it very much

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