Chapter 49


Why was he being so nice to me? Mostly, why was I spilling my guts to him? Just hours before, I had made an agreement with Skye. I would only reveal her when it was absolutely necessary. It wasn’t necessary at the moment, yet here I was, telling him everything. Like I had no control over what was coming from my mouth.

I knew I should stop, I mean, none of what I was saying should have left my lips in the first place. So why couldn’t I stop? Was I so desperate for someone to know me, that I was willing to tell everything to the Alpha that may have saved me, but he couldn’t even let me have a glimpse of his life.

My mind was in fog, my emotions were running rampant and I was spilling all of my secrets. Did I really have no sense of self-preservation? Everything I was telling him, what was he going to do with it? Would he use it against me later and try to control me or something? In a way, I didn’t think he would, but I knew nothi

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goodnovel comment avatar
I can't help but wonder, if she was normal wolf and the mark was permanent, like they both thought it would be. what would that mean after the year and she left with the mark... would she be destined to be alone or what would be the future complications be of leaving when marked???
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Why does Tate cares if it fades or is complete. Brook is only a contract
goodnovel comment avatar
I can't believe he still doesn't know? Axel should tell him and he needs to get it together she deserves more than this, I want to see her happy. She is still so confused? wasn't she supposed to get a wolf tutor to explain 2nd chance mates?

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