Chapter 51


When my mother and Brook stood to leave, I debated asking Brook to stay. I just didn’t want my mother to know that I was concerned about them meeting up tomorrow. Brook watched my mother leave, though she didn’t follow. When the door closes, she sat back down in the chair and faced me.

Over the couple of months she has been here, anger just wasn’t an expression I was familiar with on her. The way she shot daggers at me with her eyes, had me slinking down in my chair a little. I wasn’t sure what brought on her anger, I just knew it involved me.

She didn’t speak right away and after a few minutes, I wasn’t sure if she even was going to. I took that as my cue to speak up and remind her not to let the contract slip. When it came to my mother, I was nervous. Not only because of her connection with the elders, but I loved my mother, and disappointment isn’t something I wanted to see in her, for me.

“Look, I

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Bella Jersey
Oh I love it Brooke had Tate begging like the damn mutt her is
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Can't wait until she fully grows into her confident self.
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Korki Katterjohn
I can't tell you how much I loved this chapter. That was beautiful. So proud. 🥲

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