Chapter 53


“I wanted to bring up a few things that Luna’s do, for the pack. We aren’t just pretty faces that stand at the Alpha’s side, to smile and wave. Though many think that is all we are meant to do. We actually do a lot more behind the scenes.” Belle spoke, once we were finished eating.

“What kind of things?”

“Well, for starters we all have our own thing we like to do. Most Luna’s, like those before me, had different areas they excelled at. It is our responsibility to find a way to help the pack, by improving something. It can be multiple things, or even just one single thing. Think of it as a project. It can be something that needs created, or just improved.” She paused to take a drink from her orange juice.

“I don’t know how much of the pack history you know, but most the business around here were created by a Luna, take the college for example. That had been Leslie’s pro

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Bella Jersey
I’m not trusting Belle totally yet. She is an elder
goodnovel comment avatar
Awww so heartwarming that she has this moment, to feel what it’s like to have a mother’s Love.
goodnovel comment avatar
I'm cautious of every new character and how they will treat Brook until they prove themselves.

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