Chapter 54


Looking over the old contract, I was struggling with what to add or change for the new contract. I realized most of the rules no longer even mattered. Either I myself have broken them, or it was a moot point. Even coming up with rules to advise them, was turning out to be difficult.

Honestly, I was half tempted to throw out the contract and say the hell with the rules. The rules were:

  1. No entering office without asking permission.

Which no longer even mattered, I didn’t care if she came into my office.

  1. Stay out of each other’s room.

Which was a rule I broke, practically immediately.

  1. Stay out of personal life.

That I had also broken.

  1. Stay out of pack business unless it pertains to her.

This one, well I was just undecided. I no longer wanted her to leave, so technically this rule should no longer apply.

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    Anita Crh
    I’m waiting for this story to continue it’s got me hooked!!

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