Chapter 66


The moment she crossed the border, I felt it. It was like a shock rushed through me. I wanted to go after her, to bring her back. Yet my feet wouldn’t move. I was planted firmly in place still stunned. Now I knew why it was such a big deal to hide her wolf.

The Legendary Crescent Wolf had a lot of enemies and if word got out he had a daughter, she could be in a lot of danger. The biggest question was still going through my mind, was her father actually dead?

It has been years since word of him has surfaced, but I could have sworn I heard something a few years after her father presumably died. I guess it could be possible she wasn’t his daughter, but it was also very hard to deny it.

If I let her go, would she be safer if she stayed on the run? As Luna, she would have a large spotlight on her. If she ran, she could stay hidden and blend in. Rumors will spread if she stays here. It will bring a lot of heat to not only her but the pack as

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Bella Jersey
Brook has to take her power back from the lunar eclipse pack. It will be fun to show them what they lost. Best part they lost it by CHOICE
goodnovel comment avatar
Bandile Makhobo
Yes Tate, stop fighting your feelings for Brooklyn. Go after her. Save your love :-).

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