Chapter 69


As much as I tried, I couldn’t wrap my head around Tate being my mate. Nor about how different he was being towards me. He admitted to wanting me, but now all I could think was why. Was it because he saw my wolf? All of a sudden things changed and I didn’t know what to believe.

My main concern right now was making sure nothing happened to him. I was sure he could take care of himself, but just the thought of him getting hurt had Skye and me on edge. Skye was practically screaming that she has a mate. Her excitement was driving me insane. How could I focus, with her being so excited about Tate being our mate?

I didn’t understand her. She had been mad I even let him mark me, but now she was practically rejoicing he was our mate. I am beginning to think she didn’t even know what he has put us through the past few months. Albeit, not all of it was bad, but it wasn’t good either.

Nothing like how anyone at Lunar Eclipse

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Bella Jersey
I think Brook is back in control

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