The Billionaire’s Escort
The Billionaire’s Escort
Author: Lauretta

Chapter 1

The escort

Elizabeth Walters~

“You’re fired.”

I couldn't believe my ears... Okay, maybe I could, but still, why did he think it is customary to fire me just because I spilled a little bit of coffee on his laptop after he called me clumsy?

“Dear, Mr.Fisher,” I called out his name. The grey-haired man looked at me with disdain while I returned the saw exact energy. I scrunched my nose as I looked at him,

“Fuck you,” I said, his eyes widen as soon as he heard me. I smirked on seeing his cheeks turn a visible shade of red.

“You are so-so-so.” I rolled my eyes. It seemed like he couldn’t get the perfect words from his mouth. He couldn’t even insult me properly.

“Cat’s got your tongue?” I sneered at him. I looked around at his shitty office and scoffed, “It is an honor to leave this hell hole.” I tell him, untying my apron and slammed it on his table

“You wench!” He shrieked at me, standing up in anger. His eyes were as red as a person who just swallowed hot sauce. The thing with Mr. Fisher is that

He loves his Apron, they were like his babies, and now I went ahead and slammed his baby on the table

How does someone consider Aprons to be his baby?

I shake my head and walked out of the office, slamming the door as hard as I can so he could get a heart attack.

“Trouble In Paradise?” My ex-co-worker asked me. I looked at her and nodded, gently wiping a strand of hair that fell onto my right cheek, placing my hand on my waist. I pouted as I looked at her.

“Looks like I won’t be working here anymore,” I tell her. She gasped loudly, dropping her phone on the wooden chair, and flew or walked closer to me.

“This is a disaster! This is disastrous! How? Why? I pity you.” She began to display her drama, making me roll my eyes.

Let me introduce you to Hazel, the most dramatic person I have ever met in my life. Even though she looked like she was normal on the physical, trust me, Hazel is far from average.

“Don’t let me meet you there, Elizabeth fucking Walters,” Fisher yelled from his office. I heard a loud noise from his office and looked at Hazel, surprised.

“He’s probably just untying himself from the telephone wire,” she says, shrugging as she picked her phone up again...

“I hope you fall on your butt cheek while trying to untie yourself,” I yelled back.

“I have to go now. I’ll come to see you early tomorrow morning,” I tell Hazel, grabbing my bag and checked to see if my things were still intact.

“Be safe, Izzie.” She said and smiled softly. I nodded and walked out of the exit, and the cafe was crowded with different people trying to eat. I maneuvered my way out of the place and walked out.

A small sigh escaped my lips as I looked around. It was so freaking hot out here. I’m sure the sun can boil water. I wiped my already sweaty forehead, looking at the time, and saw that it was actually just 10 am.

I began to walk down the road, my phone started to ring, and I rummaged through my bag. I picked it out and paused on seeing who the caller was,

“Elizabeth! Are you going to be such a useless daughter? Your father is ill and you? What do you do? You behave as if you don't care.”

Let me introduce you to the person I call my mother. She sounds likes she hates me, right? Well, that's not the case. She doesn't know how to talk.

“Calm down, Ma, I am trying my best,” I tell her, there was a long pause on the line, and then I heard it,

She started to cry, and I can bet you that it is because she called me useless.

“I am so sorry, baby, I am just so stressed you are trying to cater for your father and siblings,” she says

“It’s going to be alright, Ma. I will have to call you back soon. I am on my way home,” I say, overseeing the road so I could cross over.

“Home? Aren't you going to work?” she asked me. I paused to realize what I just did, scratching the nape of my neck awkwardly as though she could see me.

Fucking hell, I couldn't keep my mouth shut for once.

“Ob, I forgot something at home, Ma,” I tell her, hoping she believed what I just told her. My mom is more like the Sherlock Holmes in our home.

See what I did there, uh.

Anyways she is more of a detective, always fishing out information and things in the house. My sister had this diary where she wrote about some guy she was crushing on, my mom literally fished out the journal, and well, the rest is history now.

“Goodbye, Ma,” I say and cut the call, not giving her the time to reply to me, I put my phone back into my backpack and sighed,

Aren't you all curious about my dad? Well, here is the thing, Dad has been on his sickbed for four years now. He fell into a stroke, and well, he has been there.

I can understand how tiring it would be for my mom to cater to all of them, dad, Ellie, and Noah.

I have to get a job as soon as possible. It isn't the time to get sad at all.

I was already approaching the house. A smile embraced my lips as I looked at the house. I'm sure Liam would be surprised to see me at home at this time and will be even more surprised to hear that fucking Me Fisher fired me.

I pushed the iron gates open slightly as I walked into the compound. I walked towards the door but paused to see it somewhat open. Liam probably forgot to close the door properly again. I opened the door and walked in, dropping my backpack on the floor beside the door, and kicked off my shoes.

We were living in a one-bedroom apartment, a tiny sitting room that, well, was okay for the both of us.

I looked around, trying to see if he was there but paused on hearing some weird noises from the bedroom.

It didn't sound like Liam at all. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion as I looked around for something to defend myself with. It could be a burglar, afterall.

I made sure to keep quiet as the noise kept getting louder. I unplugged a phone charger from the socket and gently pushed my way towards the room, thankful the door was open, so I could see what the hell a burglar was doing in my house.

I jumped into the room to scare/shock whoever it was, but instead, I was the one surprised.

There he was, Liam’s face was buried between her legs. It was her cries all along.

The charger dropped from my hands as I looked at the scene in front of me. The loud sound of the charger dropping seemed to alert them as they both looked at the door entrance.

“O-Olivia? Liam?” I stuttered, cleaning my eyes again. It had to be wrong. I saw the bad thing.

“What are you doing here? Why aren't you at work?” Liam yelled as he scrambled up from the floor, quickly grabbing a top and boxers to cover himself.

I stood there like a statue for a minute as I watched them hurry around for their clothes,

“Olivia, you and Liam?” I asked, bewildered by what I was seeing. Olivia, my best friend, and Liam, my boyfriend

“Why are you acting so shocked? I am sure you have seen yourself. Can you even date you?” Olivia sneered at me, and her green eyes held no remorse. I have always treated Olivia like a sister. I have known her for about four years now, and not once did I ever treat her wrong. She was the beautiful one out of the two of us, the sexier and the curt and polite. I always celebrated her wins with her and always cheered her up whenever she would feel down. Between the two of us, the guys always went for her more, and not once did it bother me. I had no one I was dating until Liam came along two years ago and swept me off my feet.

How ridiculous.

I thought someone finally loves me, someone eventually wants me, but it was all just a big facade.

“Sweetie, please let me explain,” Liam says. I shifted my gaze from Olivia to Liam, He moved forward to touch me, but Olivia grabbed him back.

Her green eyes glared at me openly before looking at Liam.

“How long is this going to go on for? She deserves whatever she sees. Besides, You love me and not her. Why do you have to explain anything to her?” she says, turning to look at me.

Her make-up smudged face smirked at me. “I am the love of his life, Elizabeth. The sooner you understand that, the better for you.” She sneered at me.

That was it.

I leaped forward, grabbing her by the arm, and hit her on the face. I pulled her hair so tightly her scalp will definitely break.

“Elizabeth, what are you doing? Leave her alone, Elizabeth,” Liam yelled, trying to free Olivia from my grasp.

I smirked as I watched her writhing In pain, “Come on, You should talk some more. You were my best friend, Olivia, I trusted you with my life, and you, you did this to me.” I yelled, grabbing her by the neck and pinned her on the wall.

I saw pure red. Every attempt of Liam to get me away from her fell futile. I dug my nails tightly into her neck as I wrapped her blonde hair around my hands, pulling it tightly till I saw tears dripping from her eyes.

“I-I’m pregnant.” She choked out. I looked at her, stunned and back at Liam. My hand slowly loosened from her hair as I assimilated what she said. I watched as she ran to meet Liam, and they hugged tightly.

She is pregnant.

She is pregnant for Liam.

A lone tear fell from my eye as I watched them hug.

“There she is, officer, she just assaulted my fiancee, she’s a crazy ex-girlfriend that won’t let me be, look at how scared my fiancée is, she is terrified, please take this crazy woman away,” Liam says.

I turned to look at the police officers walking towards me. I didn’t notice them come into the house.

“You are under arrest, ma’am. Everything you say shall and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to a lawyer.” The man says he grabbed my hands and handcuffed them.

“Look, I didn’t do anything. I didn’t know so what they are saying. I- he is my boyfriend, and she is my best friend, so how could I do that.” I  cried out, trying to let them understand what I was saying.

“How can I be your boyfriend when I am engaged to marry her?” Liam said, turning to look at Olivia, who in return held her fingers up and showed the officers the massive ring on her finger, Leaving me dumbfounded.

“Please move, ma’am.” One of the officers says, pushing my shoulder. I looked behind me and saw Liam side hugging Olivia as he caressed her stomach.


Here I was locked In a prison cell with no way to leave. I sat down there on the floor as I remembered everything I saw, everything that happened.

“Hey, you! You are free to go.” A female office says, unlocking the iron bars in prison, I stood up, walking out of the cell

“Who bailed me out?” I asked the lady. She looked at me with disdain.

“You are lucky the couple you went to kill dropped the charges. I don't understand how you can stalk your ex-boyfriend to the point of assaulting his pregnant fiancée. Shameless!” She sneered at me.

I finished up with the paperwork and was now free to leave, but where will I go?

I was about to leave the station when a police officer walked up to me. I recognized him as the one who had arrested me earlier.

“Here, you have a call.” He says, handing the phone out to me. I looked at him and slowly collected the phone from him, placing it against my ear.

“You don’t have to thank me for dropping the charges. After all, you have done so much for me, and this is the little I can do. I want to tell you ‘thank you on behalf of my fiancée and me, you helped us tremendously with the loan you borrowed for us. We will be able to start up our new family with the money in the new country that we are in now. Don’t forget to pay Don back his money. He doesn’t like debtors, and oh, just so you know, I took the money out of our bank account, I took it as compensation for dating you. I hope we never meet again, Elizabeth Walters.” He said and cut the call.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and handed the police officer back his phone, walking out of the police station with tears rolling down my cheeks.


Zane Creed.

It was a cold night. The silvery pearl-white wings of moonlight shone brightly into the sash window.

A soft sigh escaped my lips as I thought about the news I just received.

“Where is he now?” I asked

“The police station, sir.” My assistant replied to me. I turned slightly to look at him. The thought of what just happened displeased me severely.

“Get the car ready.”

“Very well, sir.” He replied and walked out of the office. I shut the windows closed and walked back to the table, picking my phone.

Should I be happy about the new development that I just got, or should the incompetence of the security team piss me?

There was no need to overthink the issue. I stepped out of the office, walking straight into the elevator. The phone vibration against the soft fabric of my suit pocket jolted me. I dipped my hand into the pocket and brought out the phone. I hissed slightly on seeing the caller ID, putting the phone back into my pockets.

The light ding from the elevator made me lookup. I was on the ground floor now. I stepped out of place and walked towards the exit.

I looked up to the sky. The horrific army of blackened spooky clouds did not hesitate to start a pouring attack of heavy rain. I paused in my steps just as the wind marched into the chilly picture, blowing like a sneezing monster.

I shut my eyes close as the rain came on heavier. I suddenly sensed the presence of another being and opened my eyes to see Markel with an umbrella in his hands, holding it up to my head.

“Let’s go, sir.” He says, gesturing towards the car parked in front of me.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and hopped into the car.

There was something about nights like this. It made me feel extra nervous, anxious, itching, and uneasy.

Like It was back again, I knew it had to do with what happened that day, but I hoped and hoped I wouldn’t feel like that again. But then again, every time it rains heavily like it was raining now, my heart rate would shoot up, my uneasiness, anxiousness, and stress comes again.

“Sir, we have arrived,” Markel tells me, jolting me from my thoughts. I looked out the windshield to see we have indeed arrived at the police station.

I spent most of the journey thinking about the past.

“Give me the umbrella,” I said to Markel, he immediately passed it to me, but I couldn’t miss the worry engraved in his eyes.

“Are you going alone, sir?”

“Yes, you can stay here,” I say, opening the door.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, sir.” He voiced out. I paused and looked at him. I moved my gaze back to the umbrella and opened it, stepping fully out of the car. I sighed as I looked at the police station.

It has been years!

I began to walk towards the entrance. I couldn’t ignore the budding feeling of uneasiness I had started to experience. My throat tightened as I walked closer to the place.

I suddenly felt something hit me hard by the shoulders. The umbrella went flying with the impact of the bump.

I winced slightly as I immediately began to get drenched by the rain. My heartbeat went from fifty to a hundred in the space of seconds.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” I heard someone say. I lowered my head to see who had jumped into me.

I was being drenched in the rain because of this person!

“I’m so sorry.” She says, bowing so much I thought her head would fall off.

“It’s okay.”

I couldn’t see her face correctly, but she looked like she had been in the rain for a while now.

She slowly looked up at me. I felt my uneasiness slip away slowly as she looked at me.

Her eyes are the first thing that got me stocked. Her almond-shaped blue eyes drew me in verily. Light strands of her wet hair fell into her face, making it difficult to see her face but her eyes.

They were soothing.

“Sir.” I heard Markel's voice from behind. I spunned around to look at him running towards me with an umbrella.

“Miss-“ I voiced out, turning to look at the last, but she wasn’t there anymore. It was like she was never here.

I looked around, but it seemed like she vanished, as though she wasn’t even here.

“Are you okay, sir? I saw you stand here for a while and saw the umbrella fall off.” Markel says as he held the umbrella on my head, blocking the splatters of the rain.

“Did you see her?” I asked

“Who?” He replied.

I looked around again, but she was gone. I shook my head. “Never mind, I’ll head home,” I tell him.

“B-but sir, we are at the police station,” Markel says. I looked him in the eye, wondering why he has many opinions on what I do.

He seemed to realize his mistake and shut up. I walked back to the car and hopped in regardless of my wet clothes.

Markel got in right after me. The driver turned on the ignition and drove away.

I leaned back against the chair and shut my eyes close, but I was rather met with those blue eyes.

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