Chapter 6

Zane Creed~

Indignant! Irritated? Pissed?

That was exactly how I felt. As if the business dinner wasn't enough was not enough, I have to go for lunch with Father. How much worse can this day get?

I heard a knock on the door. Looking up to see Markel walk in, I could tell he was here to give me more bad news, and well, technically, it isn't his fault, and he is just doing his job.

"Sir, The commissioner of Jetrins sent you a congratulations message and also some gifts as well, If you allow it. I will have it sent here." He tells me.

"Yeah, send them in. I will give a call to Jetrins and thank him. Also, clear all my appointments for this noon. I will b having lunch at Father's, and you will be coming along." I stated, watching as his eyes changed for a second.

I knew he wouldn't like the idea, but afterall he is working for me, I don't want to sound like a rude, egotistic bastard, but If I am in the presence of the mighty Martins Creed, I'll not bear his painful presence alone.

"But sir? I don't think that's a good idea. Afterall, Mr. Creed doesn't like me." He stated.

"You will be accompanying me for lunch, and that's it. send the gifts Jetrins has for me in." I cut off the conversation like that. Watching as different emotions flashed through his eyes. I knew if he had his way, he would probably strangle me to death for this.

I stood up, walking towards the windows. I loved looking out here. The view never failed to make me feel like I was above the world, and I could jump out there, spread my hands and fly.

Although that is impossible, I tell you. There is a sense of peace that falls over me whenever I look out here. Watching the birds fly freely without hindrance and made me feel at ease.

I was suddenly reminded of those eyes, The same ones I haven't been able to forget ever since that night. The overwhelming sense of peace I felt when I stared into her eyes.

I could hardly remember her features but those eyes. I couldn't forget it.

I heard the door squeak, turning slightly, and saw a man walk in with a basket full of flowers.

"Good morning, sir." He greeted, placing the flowers on the table. I responded with a nod, looking at the couple of things he placed on the table.

"Thank you."

I watched him walk away, suddenly getting curious about the things sent fr me, walking to the table, the basket as filled with white lilies. A soft smile graced my lips as I touched the delicate lilies. Beside the basket of lilies was a small case, sitting pretty beside it. I held it up and opened it to see a pen.

I was truly touched that Jetrins went through this for me. My name was engraved on the pen, which made it even more beautiful.

I made a mental note to call and thank him.

I looked at the flowers again, and I didn't get flowers that often, and today that I did, I am quite pleased with it.

"Sir, It's noon, and I think we should leave for Mr. Creed's house now," Markel stated. I turned to see him standing behind me. His face buried deep within the Ipad he was carrying about. I didn't even know when he came in, and I was too deep in the thoughts of the flowers.

'Oh, that's true." I said, reaching over the desk and took my phone. looking at Markel, "Let's go." I say, walking towards the door when he stops me.

"Sir, don't you think it would be better if we take something for Mrs. Creed.?" Markel asked. His question stopped me in my tracks, looking over my shoulders.

There was a time when I would do anything to make Lorraine look at me now. I don't need her validation, and I am grown now and do not seek her approval.

"No, I don't have to take anything," I say and walk out of the office.

Going there today, I just know what to expect, a bunch of family bullshit. When I was younger, I used to do everything I could to be included in the 'Family.' Just name it. Lying, stealing from Father to please Eugene, or is it the constant mockery I got from Lola.

I shook my head, preventing the flood of emotions from rushing in.

I am sure father would want everyone to be there, and that included Eugene and Lola. I sighed as I thought about it.

Isn't it funny? There was a time when I used to seek validation from them, and now, I couldn't give a fuck about their opinions.

I eventually got downstairs, realizing I haven't been responding o the greetings from my employees, and I had been too lost to even respond to them.

I sighed and hopped into the car. Markel got in right after me.

I made up my mind to make sure dinner goes as smooth as possible, also extremely fast. I hate it there.

"Markel," I called out his name. He turned to look at me, adjusting his glasses so he could see better.

"Thiry minutes into lunch, make sure to remind me, in front of everyone, that I have an important client who will be at the company," I say. He nodded swiftly, writing what I had asked him down.

I looked out the windshield, admiring the beauty of Newyork.

Markel is one of the few persons I am grateful to have. He understood me without any questions, and I didn't need to spell it out for him before he understood that it was an excuse.

A few minutes later, we arrived at the Creed's Mansion. I stepped out of the car, buttoning my suit jacket as I looked around.

Of course, it has changed. afterall, Lorraine would change the decor every two months. A psychopath indeed.

The only thing she couldn't seem to change was the water fountain in the garden.

I inhaled the fresh air and looked up at the stairs. Leaving this place, I had promised myself never to come back here again but look, here I am again.

"Sir," Markel says, jolting me back to reality. I let out a breathy sigh and looked at him.

"Let's go."

We walked up the thirty staircases, eventually getting to the door. I pressed the doorbell and waited for it to open, looking back at the stairs.

After her death, I would constantly get so bored that I resorted to counting the staircase, so I numbers crammed.

"Good afternoon," A man I recognized to be the Butler from his clothes says.

"How may I help you?" He asked with a polite smile on his face. I groaned internally on realizing that Lorraine had fired the old ones. I wondered just how much she would milk Father if she kept changing decor and helpers every two months,

"Ah..look who it is. If it isn't the supposed businessman of the year." Lola voices, walking out from nowhere.

A sly smirk laid at her lips as she walked to the door in some rags she would call clothes. Her mouth moving left and right from her chewing gum. She looked like the younger version of Lorraine, only the stupid one. Her blonde hair shone so bright one would think she used engine oil on it. Lola would have been considered one of the most beautiful women if it weren't for her brains.

"Excuse me," I tell the butler, totally ignoring Lola as I walk into the house with Markel beside me.

"Don't forget," I whispered to him, and he nodded.

I looked around the house. Obviously, nothing was the same anymore. Lorraine made sure to change everything, including the couch but then again. It can only be Lorraine.

"Here comes you--" Markel couldn't complete his sentence as Lorraine yelled out.

"Clean this you piece of shit! It is more expensive than your entire generation. Make sure it is as clean as my teeth," she yelled, looking like mother gothel of Rapunzel.

She turned to look at me. A bright smile immediately found its way to her lips as she walked towards me.

Truthfully speaking, Lorraine is a beautiful woman, but her character overshadows her beauty. She had long flowing blonde hair that reminded me of the goddess. Her smile was enough to make millions of hearts flutter, and I could see why Father chose her.

"Oh my, If it isn't 'THE Zane Creed." She says, stretching her hands wide apart for a hug.

I smiled and stretched my hand forward to shake her. No way in hell would I hug her.

The smile on her face faded slightly on seeing my hand. She looked at my outstretched hand and back at me. The smile on her face grew wider than earlier. But she couldn't fool me. Her eyes were as dry as the desert. Holding no hint of happiness in them. But then again, a villain would only be happy once she has successfully destroyed people's life.

"Good afternoon Lorriane," I say, showing her my very used fake smile.

"Thank you for inviting me over for lunch," I tell her, and she scoffed, brushing it away like it means nothing.

"Are you forgetting that this is your house too? You have every right to be here, and I have asked you times without number to call me a mother." She said to me.

I opened my mouth to talk but was cut off abruptly by Lola.

"Of course he wouldn't, mom. After all, he is still grieving over the death of that woman." She sneered, her eyes tingling with sarcasm.

I took a deep breath and exhaled. I refuse to let their words get to me.

"Where is Father?" I asked, ignoring both mother and daughter."Your father is--" Lorraine didn't get to finish her sentence when Father's voice boomed through the walls. I looked up to see him walking downstairs. He had a grey suit on, his walking stick attached to his hip, more strands of grey hair had grown on his head. He isn't like how he used to be.

Father used to be one of the wealthiest men in the country, owning thousands of stocks and companies. He used to be my hero, my role model. that is, before the incident occurred.

A light smile appeared on his stern face, breaking the walls he created. "Ah, my boy." He says, his voice coming out firm and healthy. Although Dad might look old, I can tell you he is definitely agile and strong.

"Good afternoon Father." I greeted him, and he responded. I watched as Lorraine immediately walked towards him, linking her arm in his.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at the sight.

"Come on, let's go have lunch." Father, says and just when we are about to leave, the man of the moment arrives, Eugene.

How would I describe Eugene? Although he might be a year older than me, he would still be considered the second son. He strode into the living area feeling like a boss, his navy blue suit. Eugene had brushed his blonde hair back with a few locs falling to his forehead.

"I'm sorry I am late." He said, his eyes roaming around till he finally met mine. Walking towards with a cocky grin on his face.

"Zane, It's good that you are here, I have good news to share." He says, smiling proudlyas he looked at me in the eye. For the second time today, I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

"Let's have lunch, and you can tell us what it is there," Father says. I watched Lorraine as she speared father no chance before rushing to Eugene.

I looked at Markel, who looked unfazed about the entire situation, signaling him to move along.

"Is he also coming?" Lorraine voiced. I was unaware she had seen me. She call out to Father her stopped in his tracks, and looked at us.

"Yes, He has to eat lunch, too," I stated. Knowing her usual antics, she would find an issue with it.

"But I mean, it isn't right for your father's arch enemy's son to eat lunch with us besides . He isn't on our status, and it would be demeaning to have lunch with him." She said, her eyes showing disgust.

"What do you say, honey?" She asked father, who had just been looking at us.

" Leave it, He can have lunch." Father stated I could see that clearly upset Lorraine. After all, Father didn't side with her.

I held back a laugh as we walked up the stairs leading to the dining area. I glanced at my watch. I had twenty minutes to go, and then that's it.

We all sat down around the dining table, with Markel beside me while Father sat on the top chair.

Not less than a minute of us sitting, Eugene stood up, I could see the excitement in his eyes, he had some news for all of us.

"What's this about Eugene? " Lola asked,

"Do you remember the deal with the Saudi investors? I was able to close a deal today; Our company will be gaining about $5Million from the deal." He says excitedly, grinning widely.

"Oh really, That's good. Eugene." Lorraine said, standing up to hug her son.

"That's, nice Eugene," Father tells him.

The helpers began to serve the food, while Eugene kept talking about how difficult it was to finalize the contract with them.

"Mmm... Zane." Father calls out my name.

"You have to attend the business dinner tomorrow. It is a must. You are now the number one business tycoon in the entire world. That's a huge one." He says, looking at me

"I will be attending. It, It is in my honor." I say, shifting my gaze to Eugene who was looking rather lost.

"It's not everyone that can be the Number 1 business tycoon in  the world, thus making me the richest man in the world."

"What?' Eugene blurted out, making me smile. I was aiming for this reaction exactly.

"Oh, didn't you read the news.? Mr. Zane Creed has been declared the number one businessman in the world. He has beaten the likes of Natasha Taylor, Richard Mofure, and Muhammed Kumar to own this title. He is now the richest man in the world, and a business dinner been to be organized to celebrate his huge success, of which only worthy people will attend." Markel said.

I muffled a chuckle on hearing what Markle just said. Like I told you before, Markel gets me. I didn't need to spell it out before he understood what I was trying to do with Eugene and immediately had my back.

"That's amazing, My two sons are doing absolutely well, and I am a proud mother," Lorraine says from nowhere, trying to reduce the pent-up tension.

Her son indeed.

"That reminds me since you are going to the business dinner, I am sure you will need a plus one. Right?" Lorraine said, dropping the fork and looked at me. I knew exactly where she was heading with this. After all, Emerald is her niece.

"Yes?" I replied.

"Wouldn't you like to go with Emerald? She is exactly who you will need there. Someone gorgeous and sensible, someone of our status and a person who will represent our family well enough, you know she is a lady of charisma." "She says, looking at father for his approval.

"You don't need to worry about that, Lorraine. I am a family member, right? I am sure I represent our family well enough without Emerald, and besides, I am going with someone else." I said.

"Oh shoot, he is probably going with some street dancer. After all, she was just like that too," Lola mumbled.

They knew exactly what to say to make me get all riled up. I inhaled deeply, releasing my breath slowly, and smiled at Lola. "You don't have to worry about my life. Lola, I am sure you have enough on your plate in regards to getting a degree and getting a life too."

"What? You think because you are the richest man and all of that bullshit, you have a life?" She yelled, standing abruptly and glaring at me.

"Umm, I hate to bring this up right now, but Mr. Creed has an appointment with some important personnel, and they are now at the company," Markel says, bring up the perfect excuse I needed to get out this hell hole.

"I have to leave. Business is important." I say, looking at father, who had not spoken a word.

"Yeah, right, You should run just like you used to," Lola yelled. I looked at her and shook my head, and I really couldn't expect much from her.

"Zane," Lorraine called out my name, standing up too.

"You know I mean well for you, right?" She asked, and I smiled. Of course, the only one who looks after me. The one and only Lorraine.

"Of course I do, thank you, Lorraine," I said, giving her my fakest smile, and looked at Father.

"Please excuse me, father and have a wonderful  lunch," I say, walking out of the dining area with Markel.

I had to get away from this madness before I lost my mind. I hurried my steps and was out of the house. I sighed and inhaled the fresh air.

"Zane," I heard someone call out my name, turning around to see Eugene running after me. He eventually caught up with me.

"I didn't get a chance to congratulate you. After all, you are my younger brother." He tells me, stretching his hand forward to shake me.

I smiled and shook his hand. "Thank you."

"Don't forget what I told you." He says, reminding me of the past.

I chuckled as I remembered, oh, how time flies. Once upon a time, I was like a slave to him.

"I think you should give up that dream now, I have passed you in all aspects of life, and now you should only focus on getting Father's approval. It might take something more than winning a measly five million contract to get his approval." I say, looking away and saw that the car was already there.

"See you, Eugene," I say and walk down the stairs. I hopped into the car and shut the door close, looking out the windshield to see Eugene looking at the car.

We drove out of the estate, but I couldn't forget the interaction I had with them.

"I found someone you can go to the dinner with," Markel tells me.

I looked at him, and he nodded in approval.

I don't want them to forget this dinner In a hurry. If Lola and Eugene can't come, at least their mother will, and she will relay everything to them, that I promise.

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