Chapter 7

The billionaire’s escort~

Zane Creed~

Looking up into the night sky, I am welcomed by countless stars, constellations, and the moon.

A breathy sigh escaped my lips as I looked at the sky, my palms growing cold due to them placed on the iron bars of the balcony. I shivered internally as I stared at the sky. It was beyond beautiful. It was healing, just standing here and looking at the sky.

The rush of events from today flashed back to me, thinking about the honor I had just been bestowed on. The lunch with the Creeds and finding out Markel went on some dumb site, searching for a date for me.

The first thing that crossed my mind when I found out was, ‘Am I this boring? That I have to pay for an escort?

Well, anyone and anything would be better than Emerald.

I pushed back the strands of hair bothering me. I walked back into the house, shutting the door to the balcony close.

Walking towards the kitchen so I could prepare something to eat. It isn’t surprising that I know how to cook.

While I was living at the Creed’s mansion. It was compulsory. I learned how to cook. If not. I would probably have starved to death.

Lorraine would usually call starving me ‘discipline’ I would watch Eugene tell Father and Lorraine how I stole money from his locker. Therefore, I had to starve even though he asked me to steal.

How gullible I was.

I took the blame whenever either of them (Eugene and Lola) did something wrong. I would be the one in pain—the one to starve and be disciplined.

I was the disappointment of the family, the one who wasn’t supposed to be seen out with them because of how skinny I became due to the constant food deprivation.

I remember Lorraine coming into my room, telling me firmly to stay there because some important guests were coming over, and it wouldn’t be nice for them to see me as it could ruin Father’s reputation.

She said she was looking out for me, and I believed her, me, a nine-year-old beloved her lies, thinking she was genuinely looking out for me.

Father knew all about this happening but turned a blind eye. He would look away and be more focused on his business.

I got tired of starving for days, so whenever Eugene would come, asking me to steal again, I refused. I told him I wouldn’t as I was tired of starving.

Do you want to know what he did?

He stole a wrist wear his from Father’s room and put it in mine without me knowing. A vast commotion was made about the watch. Apparently, It was extremely precious to Father because of how expensive it was.

Eugene told everyone he saw me take the wristwatch, and they all believed him without a second thought.

He led them to my room and ‘found’ a wristwatch in my space.

I had to be disciplined again, even if I didn’t steal it. This time around, I had more than being starved. I had to live in the staff quarters and work with one meal per day.

Lorraine knew what she was doing. She knew Eugene stole it but chose to punish me instead. Father took his watch and walked out of the room, not sparing me a glance.

I had to stay in the staff quarters for a month, where I learned how to prepare simple dishes to eat.

Not once did Father ask of me or even come there to see me.

Lola and Eugene would often come to make sarcastic jokes about me and run away when Lorraine called them.

Lorraine came once to tell me she was only disciplining me and left.

The memory of that day is forever stuck in my heart.

I shook my head to prevent the rush of emotions from flooding in. At least I am in a better space now.

I remember when I got accepted into college and left. I didn’t go back to the Creed’s mansion again, not like they weren’t glad I left.

I decided not to cook anything much tonight. Instead, I boiled tea and drank it for the night. Turning the lights off in the living room and walked upstairs to my room.

I got on the bed and laid down, turning off the lamp and shut my eyes, waiting for sleep to engulf me.


This was one of the few nights I would sleep soundly without nightmares. Waking up without breathing heavily, having red eyes, and being drained in sweat is really underrated. I usually would not have the nightmares once in a year and maybe last night was part of the ‘once in a year.’

I stood up from the bed, stretching and also reaching for the air conditioning control as I did. Before sleeping last night, I made sure to put the air con as high as possible, so I didn’t wake up drenched, but thankfully, I didn’t need any of that today.

I stood up, walking straight to my bathroom, and brushed my teeth, splashing cold water on my face to get me mentally ready for the day. I stepped out when I was done and walked downstairs.

Walking straight to the kitchen, and prepared a cup of coffee for myself. I walked out of the kitchen when I was done, gently sipping the coffee and heading towards the balcony. I paused when I heard the doorbell go off. Wondering who it could be, especially since Markel and Louis have a spare key to the apartment.

I walked to the door, checking the monitor to see who it was. I groaned as soon I recognized the person.


I was not ready for my day to be ruined this early.

I stood still for a few minutes watching the monitor and taking my coffee. She seemed not to understand what it meant to leave.

She kept pressing the doorbell excessively. I rolled my eyes and eventually opened the door.

“Emerald, why are you here?” I asked, not moving an inch away from the door so she wouldn’t come in.

She smiled brightly at me, showing her perfect white dentition. She had a white corset on and a black leather skirt, pairing it with some black boots. Her red hair shone brightly, giving her skin a more defined look.

Emerald would have been perfect to go out with, consider she’s a model herself and physically quite pleasing, but it seemed the ladies or rather people from  Lorraine’s family had issues.

Emerald looks beautiful and all till she opens her mouth to talk.

“Hi, Zane.” She says sweetly, tucking a strand of hair behind her hair and flashing me a smile.

One would think with the way I just spoke to her. She would be offended or something but no. It seemed to trigger nothing for her.

“Can I come in?” She asked me.

“No, I’m going to work and won’t be able to condone guests.”

“Oh, actually, I was speaking to my aunt over the phone, and she told me you were going for dinner tonight. I knew you would need me, and you know I am always happy to help you.”

She tells me, leaning closer to me.

I stepped back, uncomfortably with the sudden proximity between us.

“Yeah, but thank you, Emerald, you shouldn’t have come so far. I am going with someone else,” I tell her.

“Oh, but you know, I have—“

“Thank you for stopping by, Emerald. See you some other time.” I cut her off, shutting the door close.

I hoped she would get the message. I have no interest In her whatsoever. I knew Lorraine was the one behind this, I brought up the issue yesterday, and now today, she asked Emerald to come here.

Haha! Real funny.

I looked at the cup of coffee in my hands. It’s gone cold now, all because of Emerald. I sighed, dropping the cup on the table, and walked upstairs to get dressed for work.

I had my bath and wore my clothes. I decided against wearing a suit. I chose a white shirt and black pant trousers, brushed my hair and finished dressing, picked my phone, and walked out of the room.

I made sure to lock everywhere before stepping out of the apartment, taking the elevator downstairs, and eventually got to the garage.

The driver was not around this morning, and well, it would take nothing to drive me to work. I hopped into the car and, in a few minutes, was on the road.


A few minutes later, I arrived at work. Pushing the office door open, I walked directly to my chair and sat down.

Markel walked in seconds after me. He seemed startled to see, which was sort of confusing for me

“What’s wrong?” I asked, Turing my laptop on as I looked at him.

He adjusted his glasses and shook his head, handling the iPad over to me

“The minister of finance will be at the business dinner tonight, sir. It will be the perfect opportunity to get him with us.” He tells me as I go through the list of guests.

“That’s a good one. It will be the perfect opportunity for that—“ I paused when I saw Eugene’s name on the list.

I just knew it. After all, he is Eugene Creed. He cannot miss coming there and look. He did exactly what I knew he would.

“Why is Eugene’s name here?” I asked, handing the iPad over to him back, leaning against the chair properly

“I didn’t take note of it. I was sent the list, so I have nothing to do with it.” He tells me. Of course, I know Markel had nothing to do with it. Eugene could quickly get someone to slip his name in there.

“Fine, please make sure to get his name off it without informing him. I would like to see him humiliate himself there tonight.” I told Markel, and he nodded.

Work began fully. Markel left a while ago already, getting settled into work without taking a break.


Hours later…

I looked up when I heard the door squeak. Markel walked in with some papers in his hands.

“Here, sir, these are the documents you asked for. Also, these need your approval before it can take place.” He says, passing the papers to me and another file.

“Okay, I’ll go through it and get back to you,” I tell him, dropping files beside me and continued with work.

“Sir, the event starts at eight and this is 6 pm. I think you should head home and get changed.” He says. I leaned back to look at him.

Markel was always caring and what’s not but today seemed different. I am well aware it’s 6 pm, and other employees have gone home.

“You have a date today, right?” I asked.

He immediately became flustered, adjusting his glasses five times in a minute.

I smiled as I understood.

“You can go home.”

“But sir, you have to leave soon too, so you don’t get there late.”

“It’s fine, I am the main character, and the event is in my honor. I can get there a minute late.” I say to him

“The lady, did you send her everything she would need? I hope she is up to what you told me and also tell the driver to come straight to the pool house when he gets her”

I instructed. He nodded and walked out after basing me a goodbye.

Now it was just me in the company. I stood up, stretching for a second, and walked to the window. It was an extremely large portrait window, the view was insane, and that’s just what I wanted.

I  couldn’t help but think about tonight. I knew for a fact if Eugene managed to get his name on the list. Lola would try to.

They were just like leeches.

I should probably head to the pool house too. The reason I chose the pool house is that I had no idea who Markel chose. What if she’s an assassin of some sort? He did say he did a background check on her, and she seemed clean.

I walked back to the table, shutting the laptop off, and picked my phone along with the car keys. I walked out of the office.


A few minutes later, I arrived at the pool house and walked in. I got this place years ago but would only come here when I needed a break from life. I had the same things I have in the penthouse here, too, but I always stay in the penthouse due to the view.

I love it here because of the water. It is the perfect place for resting. I ran up the stairs, straight to my room.

I glanced at the time to see that it was past 7 pm. I have immediately pulled off my clothes and stepped into the shower.

I don’t know how long I used it there, but I do know, I spent quite a lot of time in there. I stepped out minutes later and saw a text message on my phone, letting me know the lady was around.

I walked into my closet, picking out a black shirt and black Italian tuxedo suit, pairing it with my Dolce& Gabbana derby shoes, and using my Patek Philippe wristwatch. I gel my hair, brushing the locs back into a slick back hair.

I was finally ready for the evening.

I picked my phone and walked out of the room. I checked the time to see it was almost eight pm. I didn’t know I took that much time to get ready.

I walked down the stairs but paused. I could see the lady sitting, facing the wall. I couldn’t see her face. I couldn’t help but notice how full her hair seemed, even from a distance.

I continued walking down and eventually got closer to her, she didn’t seem to hear my footsteps, or maybe she did and chose not to look up.

“Miss Walters.”

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