Chapter 26

Luna's POV

I am always alone. I feel alone most of the time, even though I am with my sisters. I have everything that anyone could ask for. Power, beauty, charisma, charm, and many things like that but I still feel worthless. Tila ba laging may kulang, kahit na sa tingin ko, I almost got everything. Lagi akong nagnining sa ibabaw ng mundo. I shone my brightest even I suffered in pain due to my emotions. I am weak-hearted, but I never gave anyone a hint of my vulnerability. I only displayed my strong personality to be a façade of my weak side. I know I am the moon; I have purpose and significance. Actually, I am grateful to be blessing to the earth but sometimes, for me, my power is a curse. It restricts me to be humane. I wanted a low-key life, away from this kind of setup but I know it will never happen. This is my destiny.

Centuries ago, we

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