On day seven, I smiled briefly, but everyone noticed. It was my second day at Rocket Company. I saw Josh that day and he told me that I looked beautiful despite my wrinkled clothes and hollow eyes. Yeri gave me a small smile, still hesitated to talk to me.

Day seven was the day that only half of my time was spent and I am now here in front of Jeonghan’s house after Mr. Yoon visited me and gave me the keys. I didn’t accept the keys for us to live here but for me to search inside, maybe I could find something that will answer my questions.

No one asked me or even mention me leaving or where I will go after. I am grateful for it but at the same time, I had no idea how to tell them I am going here.

The tears leaked down my frozen face and splattered on the black dress I was wearing. I chose black because I am mourning. Mourn of him losing and leaving.

My feet carried me to the front door of his house, keys in my hands. Mr. Yoon sai
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