“What’s the most important thing to you?” I managed to choke out.

Josh came to sit next to me concernedly. “Baby, I know something’s wrong. What is it?”

But I couldn’t stay seated beside him, so closely with our knees touching, so I jumped up and moved to a corner.

“Tell me Josh, do you really love me?” I asked again.

“Of course, how can you even ask me that?” he ducked his head near my ear, his voice raw and husky as he spoke. “What else do you want for me to prove it to you?”

I breathed.

“Let me show you that I love you, that I care for you.” he moved closer. “Let me take care of you baby.” He spoke in a tantalizingly slow manner, stroking my jawbone with his index finger, his lips a fraction away from mine.

I ignored the urge to close the gap, choosing rather to concentrate on the words that were running in my mind.

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