Eight fucking years ago was the most regretful day of my life.

Final exams were scheduled for next week. Yoo-Mi and I had been sleepless and cranky every night as we crammed together in our regular study sessions.

My eyes fixated on Yoo-Mi, sitting behind my study table, concentrated on studying Trigonometry. Her pouty red lips moved so sensuously and her presence in my room was suffocating me, like I wanted to kiss her right here, right now.

But I can’t do that. She had her full trust on me, she treated me as her best friend and she has a boyfriend, well fuck! A fucking ex-boyfriend who left her, who hurt her and made her cry repeatedly.

I don’t understand how a beautiful girl like her needed to be hurt by some asshole, Yoon Jeonghan, the guy that I despised with every nerve fibre in my being, the immature, playboy narcissist who just cared about himself and every other person is a pawn in her life. The guy
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