Eight years ago


I rushed down the hall feeling really out of it. Something’s wrong with me, maybe I was allergic to alcohol? I looked around for Josh but he’s missing. Where did he go?

I’m itchy and my skin was on fire and I felt like I can’t even keep my body up.

Just as I was about to open the bathroom, arms grabbed me around my waist. I tried to scream but a hand clutched my mouth stopping me from creating any sound. I tried to fight back but I couldn’t bring myself to move or lift up my arms.

My body felt weightless and my mind was fuzzy like I couldn’t think straight, something’s really wrong with me.

I felt the arms lift me up and drag me somewhere. My mind was telling me to get the hell out of here but my body couldn’t seem to move, everything was numb, everything was woozy but I could clearly see that I was in a bedroom.

The door shut closed and I was turned to face the pe
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