I heaved a heavy sigh as I remembered the past.

The blinds were still closed as my eyes fluttered open, tears gathered in their corners. There wasn’t a sliver of sunlight beaming across the room. it must be overcast today. Dark, grey clouds, biting cool breeze, maybe a dusting of snow.

I felt her arm before I remembered she’s sleeping beside me. My heart sank in my chest.


Slowly, I turned over to look at her. Beautiful face, her brown hair messy, but that didn’t lessen her angelic beauty. Her mouth slightly open, her lips were red, her arm holding onto me, her shallow breaths were soothing and sobering.

I pulled the blanket over her and covered her almost naked body, placing a long kiss on top of her head before going inside the bathroom.

The water was warm cascading on my back, my hands on the cold tiles. My eyes were closed and my head bowed down.

It took only a moment but I realized the water w
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