Yoo-Mi’s eyes widened—she clearly hasn’t expected the question to come out from my mouth. But I’m serious about it.

I’m ready to become Honey’s father, to take full responsibility for being her dad. And I can’t wait for her to call me daddy.

My pulse quickened as I waited for her answer.

I’m pretty sure that Honey wanted it ever since, and I only want Yoo-Mi’s approval.

Is it too early to do this?


That answer startled me, making me abruptly halt. Yoo-Mi stopped too, and I stared at her, into her eyes searching for the truth.

“Did you just say---“

“Yes Josh,” she smiled and my heart was filled with bliss.

Honey can call me daddy now! Yes! Yes!


“Uncle Josh—I mean daddy, if mom repeats the answer again, you’re dead!” Honey muttered behind me, surprising me.

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