I felt someone gently shake my shoulder while my head was stuck on Honey’s bed in the hospital as I pried my eyes open. There’s a fuzzy, white glow around the room. I sat up straight, wiped the drool from my mouth. My head was pounding. I have jetlag from my flight last night.

I looked up and saw Josh’s gentle smile. If guilt was an ocean, I’d be drowning in it.

“Honey is fine now, though you might want to go home first and take a rest.” Josh offered.

“What time is it?” my voice was raspy and hoarse. It sounded like I haven’t had anything to drink in days.

“It’s eight,” he answered. “Let’s wait for your mom and then we’ll go.” He said and I nodded.

I brushed my hand over Honey’s hair who was peacefully sleeping. “Honey baby, please stay strong okay? Mommy’s here now, I won’t leave you again.” I cried and kissed
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