My eyes still swimming with tears when I pulled my phone out and scrolled through my contacts. My thumb hovers over his name.

‘Let me have your phone." I remembered Jeonghan said.


'Yoo-Mi, just give me the phone."

Reluctantly, I had handed it over to Jeonghan the night after he saved me from that psychopath.

I watched him as he punched in his number, saved it under the contact information before his eyes lingered on the call log. The one that showed I had called his old number a few times over the past month, when I found out about Honey's condition. He didn't mention it as he handed me back my phone.

'I put my new number in there," he cleared his throat. 'Call me if a psychopath blocks your way again," he smiled.

At that time, I was lost in thought. Too lost in trying to figure out what I'm going to do.

There was nothing left holding Jeonghan and I together. Only the past. And I decided I was tired of living there. Tired of being tied to that part of my life.

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